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Pete the Beer monster!!

I met Pete when he strolled into a hostel in Taipei wearing a suit and resplendent with moustache back in 1990.He was a teacher like myself but then had a pop at the investment banking lark with mixed success.Argumentative, fiery and confident, Pete is at times infuriating, but always entertaining. Pete cropped up from time to time in Taiwan, the UK or Spain but now he is married to a Nepalese/Tibetan girl with two kids and I haven't seen him for many a year...

Roll the mouse over to see us 'avin a larf!!

Ex bad boy, Pete was forever torn between his faith
and the lures of alcohol and women...
Which direction was he to turn??? Well, after losing his high powered, grossly overpaid job in banking Pete spent 2 years in the wilderness, desperate to get the same kind of job once again. Then he got married.......stayed in Hong Kong and the man has mellowed according to my sources.....

Petes football jinx continues, watching Reading lose 2-0 at home to Coventry

Loree crops up again!!

Pete in the Plaza de Mina.

Pete recovering after another heavy night!!

Yep, we both went to Gibraltar

Have you noticed how Pete always seems to have either a beer or food in his hand?? No wonder he's becoming a lard bucket!!

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