Cling to the few shreds of sanity you still bear, and open to something that lies far beneath the written word. Devour the pages upon pages of mindless babble and fear what revalations occur. Insanity is a disease and one far more contagious than people know. Isolate the exiled and guard yourself from this new plague that ravages the streets and consumes the souls of the foolish wanderers.
Haunted by the Eye
In the End
Daggers for the Surreal
Fallen Crusades
Witchery and Treachery
A Plague on the Flesh
A Dream of Life
The Flame
A New World to Live in
Tear of Joy
Freak Show
Fallen Angels, Damned Demons
Bleeding to Death
To Die Alone
Old Scars
Life is Just a Dream
Slipping from Sanity
My Sweet Addiction
The Blade Holds the Truth
The Dead and the Dying
Soul Reaver
Soul Net
The Lifestream

Short lyrics and freeverse poems shall not set you free. No one song shall redeam your soul, no one deed save your eternity. It is in the stories that the wise men once told that true meaning can be acquired. The deeper well of knowledge that can be poured in length into that which we call a story can change you. The simple reading of it may alter your state of mind, and it is with this in mind that I open up my few written stories to the public. May they alter your being, and if they fail, then so do I.

Color Fades to Grey
Endless Song
Scotch and Soda