A New World to Live in

It's all for this
and I remember
My hell fades away
and you consume it
it's all gone
it's clear
skies of creation
drift on in eternity
and I'll meet you then
I will embrace you
you are everything
and in your love
I shall find salvation
in your love
I shall find creation
you're too beautiful
to see the world around you
you're too beautiful
for the people around you
And I fall
fall into you
I'll meet you there
where we always planned
at the end of the journey
we'll see how it ends
things are different
but who could care
I have everything
and it seems fair
so let's fade away
under open moon-lit skies
let's tear this down
and build a new place of worship
let's tear this down
and live in our own world
say fuck society
we're all we need
say fuck humanity
it's dead anyways
and I'll meet you there
at the end of the journey
it's how we planned
it's how it always seemed to me
I told you so
told you it could be
told you I could see
see into the new world that we made
and it's just us
hiding under the old tree