Your words are poison
to my infected ears
But I'll take them anyways
I'll choke on them
watch me suffocate
on your lies

I mean nothing to you
I have no fucking value
I'm used
and exploited
you've taken everything
and thrown out what was left
I'm just an empty case

The peircing pain was too much
but the knife is just such
Cut out my heart
rip through my eyes
and remove the tear ducts
I won't need them anymore
I've let so much of me die
I've always been dead

Poison me once more
I'll swallow every drop
I'll choke on it for you
speak your lies
promise me it's for the better
promise me the pain ends
promise me

I know they'll all be broken
but for now I can savor the hope
it'll be crushed later
you'll ruin it later
but for now
let me enjoy this