Witchery and Treachery

New teachings of such witchery
Lives on in your treachery
The powers of the occult
Lost to those who are at fault
Blinded by our foolish masks
Searching for truth in empty flasks

Bound by honor
Tied down by freedom

Lost in your portrayal
Hidden beneath that betrayal
Finding only that of value
Because it was a search for you

Lives spent looking
Lives wasted in search
something abroad has been cooking
trapped beneath bramble and birch
Hear you now, find you how
Mysteries left unsettled
Merchants goods left unpeddled

Given up, truely now a labeled screw up
Escape the bonds that tie us down
And slowly remove this tortured crown
Leaving only that which stains
Knowing that I will remain

Burn the bridge of the past
Running by almost too fast
The future is not far away
and one day, one day
we might just find a way.