Daggers for the Surreal

Rape this chest with your sacred dagger
Plunge in and think of how you stabbed her
Tear me apart from my home
Tear this flesh from the bone
Pain is all that is real
Joy is for the surreal
Imagine your world on fire
a new vision to inspire
take this wound
and sew it shut
scars are found
written out slut
Hatred burns
Society spurns

This is what you've done to me
The bleeding holes left into me
Dying, Dying again, Dying for you
Finish the pain, Kill me for you

Depression, another regression
sinking in, spreading thin
Pain for you, Pain for me
Misery is my natural state
Pain is my doomed fate

End this now and save the pain
trapped in suffering and distain
Does it end, does it cease
Can this rest, may I be at peace
I'd hold you and find my place
And find my warmth in your face