Slipping from Sanity

My Mind's tearing at it's seams
You'll unlatch the chest that still holds my reason
Crash through the barriers that hold my problems in
Destroy the wall I built
Finish off all that is me
Cause I'm slipping from sanity

Leave me exposed,
leave me naked,
leave me out in the cold,
leave me out in this world

Take this away
Take this from me
take this away

kill the pain kill the sorrow, kill who I am, kill who I was,
you are all that's left, you are all that keeps me here.
You are everything, but you'll never know it

You hold the only knife
that peirces my skin
you hold the only key
to all of my secrets
you'll expose me
you'll throw me out
you'll watch me writhe
in the pain society forces on me
Enjoy it
for I'll do it for you
I'll do it again
I'll kill who I am
I'll watch myself burn
I'll watch my life shatter
It'll all be worth it for you
But you won't accept
you won't believe
that I could love you
so wholeheartedly