In the End

And in the end
You'll be there
In the end
you'll be there

Would it be too later?
Could we ever escape?
Are we too perfect
For each other?

Why am I damned
To watch you suffer?
Why is it always this way?
Could I hold you just this time?

Inside you tell me you're for me
Is it all a lie?

Are we meant to be here?
Weren't you supposed to meet me there?
Said that it was the end
Said you'll be there
I'm praying you'll be here

Why won't you wait for me?
Why am I the patient one?
Why can't you love me?
Why can't I forget?
Why does it seem so hard?
Why does it seem so far?
Can't you wait?
Wait for me?
I'm praying you'll be there
In the End