Fallen Crusades

Your war kills all the innocent
Your war rapes our world
Your war steals who we are
Your war corrupts the youth

Gas masks guard our scarred faces
As we look into those dead places
Charred land left smoking and poisoned
Charred world left smoking and poisoned
Kill our youth, kill our culture
And tell them our god says it's right
To prey upon them like a vulture
Show how rutheless we are in this fight

America the land of the free
Enslaved by a hope to one day be
A land where injustice reigns supreme
A land ripping and tearing at a seam

They don't care, Nothing is fair
End this now, End it somehow
Revolt, Rebel, Restart
Show how we can part

The seas shall split
and the world cracks open
and our new god
shall step forth to claim
A world he hates
A world with no fates
The faithful are praised
And the foolish are damned
and in our world
we'll know no pain

Dispose of these gas masks
and burn the long left casks
Leave behind your polished gun
You know it never was just for fun
Step into our new world with open eyes
Step into a world free of your spies
Escape was possible
And we have done the impossible