To Die Alone

Peirce this knife
through the bared chest
Through the bones
through the flesh
through the core
It's there
It's dwelling
All the pain
It's been swelling
Stab this beautiful weapon
through this scarred body
blood pours out upon
the horrors that lie within
Sacred is the ritual
Evil is the act
But it's for you
Always for you.
Kill me
You're doing it to slow this way
you're letting it fade away
It must fade
It must die
it must corrupt
I'll die
you won't hear it
you won't see it
you won't let me
tell you what it does
you're killing me
you're killing me
so douse me with flames
let the hatred consume me
and I shall escape
this damned world
that you've corrupted
you've drained it of all joy
you stole it all away from me
and I die