My Sweet Addiction

And my eyes swell again
I'm alone , alone as always
Thoughts of you flood my head
The time without you turns bitter
You are my drug, you are my everything
But fate has a sick humor
as he watches me in pain
and I watch you in bliss
as you welcome your boyfriend
with a gentle kiss
He is yours, and you are his
and I am mine, all I have is time

My thoughts bore holes
into what remains of my sanity
Hate consumes my vision
For being so foolish
to fall for you
For holding onto this
and never letting you know
so I sit in my madness
And dream of my precious drug

Damn my heart
Damn my emotion
Damn this addiction
That you gave me
Withdrawel stings
when I'm without
For you are
My sweet addiction
And when we meet
I take in your presence
Like the creature I have become
Becuase you are
My sweet addiction