insanity tears at the mind's reason
ripping logic from intelligence
scraping wisdom free
genius is lost
genius is found
None are sane
We live in pain
Insanity of the mind
Insanity of the mind
Find your freedom
escape your sanity
no more logical boundaries
no more guilty conscience
no more restraining social patterns
we are all free
in our insanity
be free
find me
We have our out
we have our route
take my hand
I know this road well
I've been down it
so many times in the past
follow me
walk along the unknown
walk along, you're with me
it'll be alright, I give you my word
A word that does not fall short
I'll show you a new world
And you can enjoy
Find solace in a new place
Freedom will not just be some fallen idea
that the written word could not hold true
Rest and be with me
Sleep calmly
in our insanity