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Welcome to the American School of Cozumel

What follows is a photo history of the various events and learning experiences the students at the American School of Cozumel have had since December 2002. Hope you enjoy them.

Third grade after their Christmas play during the last weekly Flag Honors prior to vacation.

Second year of Jr.High during their Flag Honors ceremony during Valentine's Week dancing.

Second year dancing

Annual "Cena de Etiquetta"or dinner of manners this year held on St. Valentine's Day or Dia del Amor y La Amistad.All students and faculty attended.

More of the dinner.

For Valentine's Day and in honor of the 10th Anniversary Year, the Parents Association organized a formal dinner-dance under the stars for adults.

Dancing under the stars.

Sixth grade girls preparing for their play during Flag Honors.

Sixth grade boys preparing for their part.

More of the Sixth grade.

The Coro sang The Red Cross Anthem to start off the annual fundraising drive in March of 2003.Pictured here with the state and local Red Cross leaders.

Every year the school has various Spelling Bee's according to grade. Here is Alessandra of grade 2.

Feb 27 Spelling Bee Finalists Primary grades 1-2-3

The Jr.High Spelling Bee was held on Monday the 10 of March. Here is Michel of 7th grade selecting his word.

Jr.High Spelling Bee Judges

The three finalist were Maria Jose,Tatiana,and Teal, all of whom have been friends since preschool,10 years ago!!

On March 11 the Preschool was visited by the local fire department

Teaching proper way to leave a fire or smoky area.

One final Lesson.

On Saturday, March 15 the Annual Family-Teacher Day was held. Several contest between the Red and Yellow teams.

Water balloon Volleyball Red vs. Yellow.

More Family day fun.

Bruno dressed up as Harry Potter. The 8th grade in order to raise funds for next years graduation, they took photos with Harry Potter, raffled off a soccer ball, and did face painting.

Face Painting by 8th grade.

Ribbon Cutting Opening Ceremony for the 2003 Book Fair March 15.

Book Fair 2003.

Circle of Peace during Family Day.

Flag of Peace presented during Family Day.

5th grade Homage to Woman for International Day of the Woman performed during the Book Fair on Tuesday March 18.

5th grade Girls.

During the Book Fair on Tuesday the 18 the current Carnival Queen Natasha came and did a dance number for the audience.

Current King of Carnival, Reyes Leon also visited during the Book Fair.

For "Dia Del Nino"( Day of the Child, April 30) The children of the primary and kinder schools were treated to a day at the local movie house.They saw "Jungle Book 2" on Tuesday the 29 of April.

On the 30 of April the teachers organized a kermeesse which is a carnival like event with different stands with activities or food. This was for the primary school children. They had a chance to play darts, dance in a Simon Says type game,visit the beauty salon and have their hair and nails done, go fishing, play lotto, and have a water balloon game.

El Dia del Nino April 30 Playing

Fishing Game run by Miss Rosie

Lotteria o Lotto game run by Miss Paulina

Fun with Waterballoons run by Maestro Miguel

Beauty Shop run by Miss Lorena and Miss America

Dance event with Maestro Juan

Dart game

Kidergarten Pool Day for Dia Del Nino

More Pool Fun

Hotdog Stand

Registro Civil for weddings Judge is Miss Erika

On May 9 the school had a small Motherīs Day presentation. In Mexico, every May 10 is dedicated to all mothers. This year the preschool presented a visual representation of many of the songs by Cri-Cri. Cri-Cri was a very famous Mexican composer and musician who specialized in childrenīs songs. In addition to the preschool, three of the fifth grade students also performed. Omar Marrufo and Julia Maldonado enacted a skit dedicated to Moms, and Ross Valdez sung "Mexico Lindo Y Querido".

Kindergarten show

Kinder Dancers

Each year May 17 is the day of the Student,in particular, junior high school age. For our students, the Parents association along with the school administration and faculty held a disco for the students. Students were allowed to invite friends. The music and dancing began at about8 pm and went to 1pm.

Cati with a friend

Invited friend, Pablo, Teal, MariJo,Tatiana and Marlon enjoying their dance.

During the month of June the final poetry and spelling bees take place.

English Poetry Primary school grades 1-3 semi finalists

Paulina Fernandez winner grades 1-3

English Poetry Primary school grades 4-6 semi finalists

Omar Marrufo winner grades 4-6

English Spelling Bee semi finalists

On Friday evening,June 20, the Parents Association held the first Night of Talent under the Stars talent show. It was a super time. Parents, students and faculty all participated.

The Night of Stars Stage

The third grade students presented a comedy skit with clowns. For more info and photos on the talent show,visit the link Talent Show .

The 3rd Grade Clowns

June 27, 2003 was the closing ceremonies and graduation of the sixth graders. The graduating class performed a dance. Adrian, who won the Spanish poetry contest for grades 4-6,presented his poem. After much anticipation and emotion, the graduates received their diploma and a sigh of relief was heard.. Finally over!!

Graduates Dancing

Adrian, with emotion and conviction,saying his winning poem.

Graduating Class Standing Boys L-R: Alexander Escobar, Alonso Viladomat,Claudio De Los Reyes, Enrique Cervantes, Armando Arrendondo,and Alejandro Cado. Sitting Girls L-R:Claudia Arias, Mahal Gacutan, Dennisse Valle,Samantha Ruiz,Karen Mendez,and Laura Villalba.

The preschool closing ceremony and kindergarten graduation was held on the school grounds on Monday June 30.Valedictorian for the class was Miguel Alejandro Max who spoke to his classmates. Kinder 1 and Kinder 2 performed a simple dance which was enjoyed by all. Finally in formal caps and graduating gowns, the soon to be first graders received their diplomas. At last the school year was over!!

Miguel speaking to his classmates

Preschool graduates with Kinder Teachers