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Welcome to the American School of Cozumel

Here are some of the events from the current school year.

On Friday night, September 26 the Parents Association in co operation with the school administration sponsored the first Game Night. It was also the start of the American School Hogwarts Harry Potter program. Students, parents and teachers enjoyed a night of fun and games. The third of secondary school-junior high school had a beverage sale to raise funds for their upcoming graduation. Children were encouraged to bring their favorite board game or card games and toys from home. The stage was set with the four houses of Harry Potter:Slytherin, Gryffindor,Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff. House sorting was done and a special guest appearance from the Hogwarts Head Master himself, Dumbledore completed this first game night.

Setting for the Harry Potter Party with the House Banners

Jacob, Benjamin and Rafael having a good time

Table of Interesting Items. The " TII"

The sorthing process has begun!!

Pablo, Marlone, Ceci, and Tatiana working the beverage booth.

The sorting continues.

Professor Dumbledore

Bey Blades, Guess Who? and more fun

On Sunday Oct 12, the Titans football team, ages 10-12 were invited to participate in a Round Robin Football-Soccer tournament sponsored by the TITO program. The TITO program is a program funded by the Foundation Cozumel and is directly trying to prevent drug use in children ages 10-12. This particular Sunday was a nice hot sunny day and many parents and friends came by to support the team. Games started at 9 am and the final game for champeon was over at 2 pm. A long hard day, but in the end they gained a second place trophy.

With the large diversity of ethnicities that exist at the Colegio Americano de Cozumel, this year the United Nations day, Oct 24, took on a special meaning. With combined forces of the parents association and the school and English teachers, a ceremony presenting all the nations represented at the school took place. The setting was the civic plaza of the school. The 6th grade honor guard stood by as first grade stated the pledge.Following this the different children from the various nations presented information and marched with their nationīs flag. Countries represented this day at the school were Canada, US, Argentina, Ecuador, Costa Rica, Mexico, Cuba, Jamaica, Germany, France, Poland, Hungry,Italy,United Kingdom, Philipines and New Zealand. Parents and friends came to enjoy with cultural interchange.

6th grade honor guard

Alessandra with the Italian Flag

Teal with Joshua holding the Hungarian Flag

Mahal with the Philipine Flag

Omar with the Mexican Flag

Raheem with the Jamaican Flag

Rhys with the Canadian flag and Curtis reading in the background.

All participants with flags

The annual Colegio Americano Halloween Carnival took place at the school this year on Friday October 31. The disco was a big hit and the Hospital of Terror was a sensation. Lots of parents and friends came and lent a helping hand allowing all to have a good time. Costume prizes, entrance door prize and lots of delicious food made the night complete. Miss Alice was the perfect host wandering through the crowds and visiting with all.

Halloween Fun

More Fun

Miss Alice having Fun

Line up for the Costume Contest!

Inside the Disco

Dr. Armando with Ross, Rhys and Leah in the Lab Hospital of Terror !

On November 15, many members of the faculty and student body participated in the first Rotary Walk-a-thon On Cozumel. This was organized to raise money to purchase vaccinations for poor 3 world countries. It was an international Rotary event.