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Welcome to the American School of Cozumel

What follows is a photo history of the Colegio Americano de Cozumel from it's birth on September 2 of 1992 in the building on Calle 10 North up until the present, the 10th Anniversary year, 2002 in the new building..

Calle 10 North 1992-1994

American School of Cozumel Calle 10 building
Original school building

Back in 92 Miss Alice was one of the teachers, and here she is leading the children in a dance class

Cozumel bilingual school Director Ms Alice with kinger kids
Miss Alice with children

Play time was always fun back then!

Colegio Americano de Cozumel play group
Calle 10 Play Group

Calle 2 North 1994-2000

With the increase in enrollment, the school moved to Calle 2 North.

Cozumel American school second building calle 2
Second School Building

At this location a primary school as well as a preschool was opened. May good times and memories were created at this locale. Happy times for families, students, and faculty all make the experience at the Colegio Americano an unforgettable one.

bilingual school cozumel boys of 95-96 class
Boys school year 95-96

bilingual school cozumel face painting day
Theater Arts Workshop

colegio americano outside fun
Outside fun

american school of cozumel Miss alice with students
Miss Alice with students

american bilingual school of cozumel mother's day 94
Mother's Day 1994

american school of cozumel kindergarten

Bilingual private school class out side
Outside Learning

Back then this WAS the entire primary student body!!

bilingual American school all primary students 97-98
Primary students 97-98

Also part of the Calle 2 North school was the original basketball team, coached by a group of volunteer moms. Games were always fun. The photos below show the original team and the original cheerleading squad of the American School of Cozumel .

bilingual english school basketball team coach
Original basketball coach with team members

Cozumel bilingual school basketball team
Original Basketball team game

Colegio Americano Basketball team
Basketball team with coach MaryAnn

english speaking cozumel school original cheerleaders
Original Cheerleaders

In early 2000 we had the ground breaking ceremony on the "new land" what would eventually be the current school building.

bilingual school cozumel groundbreaking ceremony
Feb 4, 2000 Ground Breaking Ceremony New Land

ground breaking ceremony
Ground breaking ceremony

September 2000 was the opening for the current building .

American School of Cozumel Directors/Owners
Juan and Alicia Fernandez