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Welcome to the First Night of Stars Talent Show !

On Friday, June 20 the parents association in conjunction with the school administration sponsored a talent show under the stars. This was not a competiton, but a show of talent. Students, faculty, parents and friends were invited to participate and demonstrate their talent. The stage was set and the show ready to being at 7pm .

Night of Stars Stage

The hosts or "MCs" for the night were three students who choose this as their participation in the talent show. Representing the fifth grade were Gwen and Ross and the thrid grade participate was Katia.

Gwen, Ross and Katia,Hosts of the Night of Stars

The opening act was a group of boys from the first grade of the primary school. They chose to dance to a popular modern Turkish tune called " Besos de Tarkan".

Raheem,Gerardo,Max and Oscar


A group of girls from both second grade and fourth grade were next. They chose to dance to the ever popular Shakira's "Ojos Asi" song.

Cristina,Karla,Alessandra and Montserrat

"Ojos Asi"

Leah from fifth grade was the next student to perform. She chose to sing a song from the current female artist, Avril Levine's song collection. Helping Leah to interpet the song was classmate Julia along with an invited friend, Brenda.

Leah belting out her tune!

Leah singing,Julia and Brenda in background

Next to perform was a junior high student, Tatiana with two of her friends from another junior high dancing to a mix of music with a cabaret sound.

Joanna,Tatiana and Karla


The only preschool participant followed. Andrea along with the help of her father,Jose Luis, recited a poem called " El Sin Par Borracho Anton".

Andrea with dad, Jose Luis

Andrea reciting her poem

The dance group, Chiquijazz,made up of a group of second grade girls and an invited friend Brenda, danced to "La Loca".

Brenda,America and Yerlin


Next the audience was treated to an old love ballet,"Tomame o Dejame" sung by a local guest, Gustavo.


Prior to the first intermission, the last group to dance was a group of girls from the junior high.Teal,Tatiana and Marijo danced to music from "Jump 5".

Tatiana, Teal and Marijo

"Jump 3"

Following a brief intermission the audience was taken back in time by the performance of the parent association president, Tere Pinto and group, singing and interpeting, "La Violetera".

Tere Pinto "La Violetera"

Tere with Gustavo, dancing in back are Daly,Mary,and Maria Jose

Three second grade girls followed by dancing to "La Calle de las Sirenas".

Maria Jose, Sonia, and Arian

"Las Sirenas"

Members of the faculty participated as well. In the next act, two of the English department staff along with a fifth grade mom sang "Killing Me Softly".

Alida, Gaby and Susan

A group of third graders performed a play . It was called " The Circus".This play was about a director who was attempting to film a group of clowns who were to act out differnt emotions such as anger, happiness and sadness.

Third grade actors.Standing:Danny,Carla,Karla Patricia,Grecia and Zak.Kneeling: Gabriel, Carmen, Jade and Paulina.

All the clowns acting

The cameraman Gabriel with the director Zak

Zak the director with the actors

Junior high student Denisse did a dance routine to a mix of Brittany Spears songs.


Brittany Spears Remix by Denisse

Following a small intermission during which the bands could set up their instruments, we had the pleasure of listening to some modern music performed by local young artists. The first was junior high student MariJo singing a Cranberries´song, "Zombie". She was accompanied by a group of young men from a local school.

Marijo singing "Zombie"

Singing her heart out!

The next band to play was invited by professor David Mendez, who is a member of this band as well.

Hombres Valientes

The last performence of the evening was by a group of boys from the junior high school. They recently formed a band with the help of Prof.Mendez. "Efectos Retardados" band members are Pablo, Rafael, Gloria, Bruno, Oscar, and Denisse. The music played was entitled "De La Musica Ligera".

"Efectos Retardados" Band Colegio Americano

Pablo and Rafa playing guitars

At the end of the show, many of the children in the audience joined the band members on stage. In the end a super time was had by all.

The End

The show was a wonderful experience for all. The audience was introduced to some very talented children and adults. We anticipate a future show with even more surprises!