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The Buildings and Grounds

The Colegio Americano is located on Calle 31 just off Ave 30 on the south side of the town of San Miguel in the neighborhood known as Gonzalo Guerrero. The school consists of an administration building, housing staff offices, infirmary, business office and the uniform/book store.

Colegio Americano Cozumel 3rd grade working
3rd grade working hard

The primary school consists of six large classrooms, and a set of boys and girls bathrooms located to the left side of the property. Behind the primary classrooms is the La Ceiba Cafeteria and picnic area. Snacks and lunches may be purchased here and enjoyed in the quiet shade of the Ceiba,a sacred tree of the Maya.

bilingual school of cozumel The La Ceiba picnic area
La Ceiba Picnic Area

The computer classroom, the laboratory and the junior high school are located on the far west side of the school grounds. There are student restrooms and a faculty office in this area of the school.Computer classes are offered starting with grade one of primary school.

Cozumel Bilingual school Computer Room
Computer Room

The new science lab is used for those of secondary in the required courses such as chemistry, physics and biology to practice hands on what they have learned in the lecture portion of their class. The lab will also be used by the students in the primary school to introduce them to the sciences. The laboratory is a fun, yet very educational experience for all.

bilingual primary school cozumel Science Laboratory
Science Laboratory

Behind the junior high is the preschool.

American School of Cozumel kindergarten building
Kindergarten Building

The preschool houses three classrooms, play areas and set of miniature sized toilets and sinks for the little ones.

Colegio Americano kinder toilet
Kinder Toilets

The center of the school is a large open area used for sporting events, meetings and civic presentations.

American school of Cozumel playground area
Playground Area during Recess

Farther to the southwest side of the property there is a large climbing/sliding/bridge/swing toy for the children to enjoy during recess. A the far west south side is a small soccer field where boys, girls and even some teachers gather to play during recess.

bilingual  Cozumel school Football game
Football game

At the southernmost point of the grounds an amphitheater is planned. With the addition of a laboratory, students in junior high school are learning biology, chemistry and physics. Slowly, as funds allow, more scientific instruments are to be added to the laboratory..

Cozumel bilingual school using the lab
Eigth Grade using the Lab

American School of Cozumel invites you to share your ideas with us.Come join us!!