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The American School of Cozumel has a tradition of hosting a superb Halloween Carnival . This year,2002, was a super fun time had by all. A haunted house and a disco complete with DJ, strobe lights and smoke were just part of the activities. Parents and students alike enjoy this annual event put together with combined efforts from the students, teachers, and parents association.

Halloween party 2002
Halloween Party 2002

This year the best adult prize went to one of our fathers who came dressed as a shower.. Clever..

First prize showertime
First prize Showertime

Through out the school year, events that correspond with the season take place. One such event is the preschool spring day parade and show.. Every year the arrival of spring is marked by a parade of the preschool children dressed to represent different spring related ideas..

Spring Day 2002

Other activities include inter scholastic competitions in poetry,mathamatics, spelling, English, Spanish and more.

cozumel bilingual school Choir
School Choir Christmas 2002 Show

The choir was just recently formed and had it's first debut during the Colegio Americano Family Christmas feast.The choir consists of students from preschool, primary and secondary grades.

Kindergarten choir Dec 02
Preschool Choir "Estudiantina" Dec 02

Cozumel Bilingual School Nativity scene from Christmas party
Nativity scene from Christmas Party 2002

For Valentine's Day 2003 and in celebrating the 10th anniversary year the parents association with the cooperation of the school administration held a Dinner Dance under the stars for adults. It was a fun time for all who attended this formal event.

Dinner Dance

In the future the school hopes to add a cheerleading squad, drama or theater club as well as a school newspaper..