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colegio americana anniversary celebration
Girls dancing at 10th Anniversary Celebration Sept 2,2002

The Colegio Americano de Cozumel has a large number of bicultural students, representing many nations. Austria, Canada, USA, Argentina, Cuba, Jamaica, Germany, Spain, Italy, France, U.K., New Zealand,Belize,Phillipines, and Scandinavian countries are all represented at our school. This ethnic diversity creates an environment of acceptance and tolerance. This diversity offers our students the opportunity to learn about other's customs and traditions hopefully creating future leaders who are more open minded to differences, thus helping to build a less prejudiced world.

cozumel american school 5th grade class 2002
5th grade 2002 class

The American School of Cozumel is always happy to receive full credit foreign students as well as some non-credit temporary visitors. They benefit from the exposure to the Spanish and English languages, culture and social ways of our Mexican students. Our students, in turn, are exposed to other cultures and also have a chance to practice their English. We all benefit from this exchange..

cozumel american school honor ceremony
Weekly Honors

For Thanksgiving this year the sixth grade students and English teaching staff reenacted the First Thanksgiving.

Cozumel Bilingual school Thanksgiving 2002 feast
Thanksgiving 2002 feast

Many of the students participate in the sports programs and activities the American School of Cozumel has to offer.

girls basketball team playing against partenon
Girls Basketball team

This past November the local members of the Red Cross of Mexico came to visit the students. Here the students had the opportunity to visit the ambulance as well as ask questions about the services provided by the Cruz Roja,or Red Cross.

Red Cross Visit

Each year the students have a special dinner in which they are to use manners, fine tableware and show proper use of the various utensils. This year it was held on Valentine's day and was a very formal afair. All students, kinder up to and including the junior high school students participated.

Students Formal Dinner