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Sports Programs

The Colegio Americano is the home of The Titans. This is the name given to the sports teams of the school.

American school of Cozumel boys basketball team 2002
Boys Basketball Team 2002-03

This year the sports include basket ball and football/soccer for both girls and boys.

Cozumel American School Boys Football team 2002
Boys Football Team 2002-03

Teams practice and play against other schools and groups on a local league.

American School of Cozumel girls basketball  team
Girls Basketball Team vs.Instituto Partenon 2002-03

Parents and friends are encouraged to attend the games and cheer The Titans on to victory.

Girls Football Team 2002-03

In the future we hope to have a Colegio Americano Cheerleading Team to assist us with the victory cheers..