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More Photos

The following is a photo history of the different functions and events that the American School of Cozumel has had over the past 10 years.

Colegio Americano Miss Chiquitita Show 94
Denise Gonzalez winner Miss Chiquitita Show 1994

American School of Cozumel Miss Chiquitita 95
Amanda Looman winner Miss Chiquitita Show 1995

American School of Cozumel closing ceremony 1997
Closing ceremonies 1997

Colegio Americano de Cozumel honor guard 97-98
Honor Guard 1997-98

American School first grade 1997-98
First grade 1997-1998

Colegio Americano Kindergarten 1  1997-98
Kindergarten 1 1997-98

American School of Cozumel 3rd grade 1997-98
3rd grade class 1997-98

American School of Cozumel Columbus Day celebration 1997
1997 Columbus Day Play

Colegio Americano Mini Olympics Nov 97
Mini Olympics November 1997

American School of Cozumel Christmas 97 train ride
Christmas 97 train ride

American School of Cozumel Mayan Indian spring ritual ceremony
Spring 1998 Mayan Spring Ceremony

Colegio Americano Spring Mayan Indian ceremony
Spring 1998 Mayan Spring Ceremony

American School of Cozumel Spring 98 Mayan Indian ceremony
Spring 1998Mayan Spring Ceremony

Colegio Americano Mother's Day 98 celebration girls dancing
Mother's Day 1998 Girls Dancing

mother's day 98 Kinder group
Mother's Day 1998 Kinder group

school closing 1998
End of School closing ceremony 1998

Staff August 1998

3rd Grade 1998-1999

Beatles show spring 1999
Mother's Day 1999 4th Grade Beatles Show Sgt.Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band

Beatles show Kindergroup
Mother's Day 1999 Kindergarten group Beatles Show

Beatles show Yellow submarine show
Mother's Day 1999 2nd Grade Beatles Show Yellow Submarine

Mother's day When I get old K2
Mother's Day 1999 Kinder 2 Beatles Show When I'm 64.

Closing of school year 99 Kinder 2 Pinochio
Closing of school year 98-99 Kinder 2 Play

American School of Cozumel Parade for Q. Roo statehood
Fall 1999 25th anniversary of Q. Roo statehood parade

American School Christmas 99 show
Christmas Show Dec 1999

American School Honor Guard Kindergarten
Honor Guard Kindergarten Feb 2000

flad day celebration feb 2000 kindergarten
Flag day Feb 2000 Kindergarten

Colegio Americano Spring show Beauty Beast
Spring 2000 Show Beauty and Lumiere

Spring Show 2000 Beauty and the Beast
Spring 2000 Show Beauty and the Beast

Spring parade 2000
Spring Day Parade 2000

American School of Cozumel graduation 2000
Kinder graduation 2000