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Colegio Americano de Cozumel Informacion en Espanol.

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The Faculty

All of our teachers are fully credited by the Mexican Teachers College. Our English instructors are acredited by different English language teacher training schools in Mexico and abroad. Our instructional staff are all involved in continuing their education.

Cozumel Bilingual school Directors
Juan Fernandez and Alicia Prado Fernandez

Introducing administration director, Mr. Juan Fernandez and the general academic director,Mrs. Alice Prado Fernandez.

For Thanksgiving 2002, the sixth grade along with the English teaching staff performed a small reenactment of the First Thanksgiving for all students, parents, and teachers. It was an informative as well as fun experience for all.

cozumel bilingual school thanksgiving 2002 celebration
Miss Erika and Miss Alida dressed as Piligrims

For the faculty, there is a spacious work room-lounge where they can prepare lessons and enjoy a cup of coffee or have a break between classes.

american school of cozumel teachers lounge
Miss Julia and Miss Alida working hard

American School of Cozumel kindergarten class
Kindergarten Open Class

The American School of Cozumel has a diverse staff of teachers.

American School of Cozumel Teacher Miguel
Professor Miguel

Here is Professor Juan, the physical education teacher and team coach with the girls football team.

Professor Juan with girls football team

At the American School of Cozumel we try to keep the doors of communication between staff, parents and children open.