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I put this list together as a student, so you will see some things in here that are quite simple. You will also see some words with *s/l* beside them. These are sound-alikes. I put them in the list, the way it sounded to me, then in the right column I entered the word the way it should be, or entered a possible alternative. There are prefixes, suffixes, drugs, abbreviations,etc. Some words have definitions, some do not. Please let me know if you run across any errors and I will correct them.


Word or Root Definition
nabothian cyst small yellowish mass consiting of dilated endocervical glands and usually appearing at the external cervical os
nail outgrowth of the skin attached to the distal end of each finger and toe, composed of keratin
NAMORC National Association for Medical Direction of Respiratory Care
narc- stupor
narcolepsy sleep disorder characterized by sudden, uncontrollable need to sleep, attacks of paralysis *cataplexy*, and dreams intruding while awake *hypnagogic hallucinations*
narcotic a potent anlgesic that has addictive properties
naris nostril
nas- nose
nasal cannula *NS* Nasal Cannula *NC* - a rubber or vinyl tube which extends around the user's face with curved prongs that fit into the nostrils for delivery of oxygen at low flow rates. Also referred to as "nose hose" *slang*
nasal endotracheal *s/l* nasoendotracheal
nasal flaring  
nasal polypectomy removal of a nasal polyp
nasal polyposis presence of numerous polyps in the nose
nasal septum wall dividing the nasal cavity
Nasalide spray  
nasoendotracheal not nasal endotrachael
nasogastric *NG* intubation insertion of a tube through the nose into the stomach for various purposes; e.g., to obtain gastric fluid specimen for analysys
nasogastric tube nasogastric tube
nasolabial not nasal labial
nasolabial fold naso=nose, labial=lips, fold between nose and lips
nasolacrimal duct passageway for tears from the lacrimal sac into the nose
nasopharyngitis nasopharyngitis
nasopharyngoscopy use of a felxible endoscope to examine the nasal passages and the pharynx *throat* to diagnose structural abnormalities such as obstructions, growths, cancers
nasopharynx part of the pharynx directly behind the nasal passages
national emphysema treatment trial *NETT* National Emphysema Treatment Trial *NETT* - a multicenter randomized trial comparing maximal medical therapy versus maximal medical therapy with LVRS in patients with moderate to severe emphysem to determine efficacy of this surgical procedure for the purpose of resuming Medicare reimbursement *which was halted in 1996*.
navicula also navicular
nausea sick in the stomach
n-cetyl cysteine *s/l* N-acetylcycteine
neepinum *s/l* imipenem (antibiotic)
NCV nerve conduction velocity
nealova 1/35 *s/l* Nelova 1/35E -- birth control pill
nebulizer Nebulizer - an atomizer device that sprays liquid medication in aerosol form into the air a patient breathes
necr death
NEF National Emphysema Foundation
neoplasia a new *abnormal* formation
neoplasia, cervical intraepithelial potentially cancerous abnormality of epithelial tissue of the cervix, graded according to the extent of abnormal cell formation, CIN I mild dysplasia, CIN II moderate dysplasia, CIN III severe dysplasia
nephr- kidney
nephrectomy excision *removal* of a kidney
nephritis inflammation of the kidney
nephrolithiasis presence of a renal stone or stones
nephrolithotomy incision into the kidney for the removal of stones
nephron microscopic functional units of the kidneys, comprised of kidney cells and capillaries, each capable of forming urine
nephrorrhaphy suture of an injured kidney
nephrosis degenerative disease of the renal tubules
nephrotomy incision into the kidney
nerve conduction velocity *NCV* test/procedure for nervous system
nerve-sparing technique  
NETT National Emphysema Treatment Trial *NETT* - a multicenter randomized trial comparing maximal medical therapy versus maximal medical therapy with LVRS in patients with moderate to severe emphysem to determine efficacy of this surgical procedure for the purpose of resuming Medicare reimbursement *which was halted in 1996*.
nettle allergen
nettle leaf herbal medicine
Neupogen *filgrastim*  
neur nerve
neur- nerve
neuralgia pain along the course of a nerve
neurilemma sheath of Schwann
neuroencelphaus *s/l* maybe neurosyphilis, normal-pressure hydrocephalus *cause of dementia*
neurohypophysis posterior pituitary
Neurontin *gabapentin* drug for convulsions, seizures, epilepsy
neuroplasty surgical repair of a nerve
neurotransmitter chemical messenger
nevus birthmark; a congenital malformation on the skin that can be epidermal or vascular *mole*
NG nasogastric
NIAID NIAID: The National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease
Nicon oral contraceptives *s/l* Necon
NIDDM controlled by diet  
nidus The focus of reduced density at the center of an osteoid osteoma, on bone radiographs
nifedipine drug *cocci meningitis*
nipple markers  
nitroglycerine drug
NKA no known allergies
NKDA no known drug allergies
noc. night
nocturia urination at night
nodule solid mass greater than 1 cm, which extends deeper into the epidermis
nofran *s/l* Zofran *drug*
noncontributory not involved in bringing on the condition or result
non-insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus *NIDDM* Type II Type II - not dependent on insulin for survival
nonrebreathing mask nonrebreathing mask
non–small cell lung carcinoma non–small cell lung carcinoma
nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug *NSAID* a group of drugs with analgesic, anti-inflammatory, and antipyretic properties *e.g. ibuprofen, aspirin* commonly used to treat arthritis
Norbax Norvasc
norepinephrine help the body cope with stress
norm normal
Normal ABG values: pH 7.32 to 7.45 Normal ABG values: pH 7.32 to 7.45
normal cephalic *s/l* normocephalic
normal sinus rythym *NSR* regular rythym of the heart cycle strmulated by the SA node
normal-pressure hydrocephalus cause of dementia
normotension normal blood pressure
nose structure that warms, moistens, and filters air as it enters the respiratory tract and houses the olfactory receptors for the sense of smell
Nose Hose - aka Nasal Cannula *NC* Nose Hose - aka Nasal Cannula *NC*
NPO nothing by mouth
NPA *s/l* NPH
NPPV Noninvasive Positive Pressure Ventilation *BiPAP*
NS nasal cannula
NSAID Non-Steroidal anti-inflammatory Drug
NSF National Sanitation Foundation
NSR normal sinus rythym
N-telopeptide a bone resorption test
nuchal rigidity  
nuclear medicine imaging a diagnostic imaging technique using injected or ingested radioactive isotopes and a gamma-camera for determining size, shpe, location, and function of various body parts
nuclear scan test using small amounts of radioactive material to measure ventilation and perfusion in all lung areas. [Procedure: Pulmonary Ventilation/Perfusion Scan]
nucleus pulposus soft, fibrocartilaginous, central portion of intervertabral disc *disk*
nulligravida having never been pregnant
nullipapa a woman who has not born a child
nulliparous cervix relating to never having borne children such as through C-Section, abortion, miscarriage
numbers, cranial nerves roman numerals but arabic is becoming more popular
numbers, stages roman numerals
numbers,grades arabic
numer- numbers
nutmeg herbal medicine
Nylan-Barany re: neuro
nystagmus involuntary rapid oscillating movement of the eyeball
Nystatin-LF I.V. *AR-121*  

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