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I put this list together as a student, so you will see some things in here that are quite simple. You will also see some words with *s/l* beside them. These are sound-alikes. I put them in the list, the way it sounded to me, then in the right column I entered the word the way it should be, or entered a possible alternative. There are prefixes, suffixes, drugs, abbreviations,etc. Some words have definitions, some do not. Please let me know if you run across any errors and I will correct them.


Word or Root Definition
#507 implant  
0.4 grams per kilogram q.three weeks 0.4 g/kg q. three weeks
1. Lab Tests CBC, differential, chemistry-20 *chem-20*, Wintrobe sed rate, amylase,angiotensin converting enzyme, mycoplasma titers, UA, Panel A, CPK-MB, citrate, oxalate,
10 cc per hour typed: 10 cc/hr or 10 cc/hour
10 micrograms per hour typed: 10 mcg/hr or 10 mcg/hour
11 years 7 month yr old 11-7/12-year-old
2 mg per kg per day 2 mg/kg per day
2 liters of IV fluids typed: 2 L IV fluids or 2 liters of IV fluids
2 to 12 *cranial nerves* = II to XII
2/2 without bruit  
2/3 cm nodule equals 0.67 cm nodule *type as a decimal*
2+2 with bruit *s/l* 2/2 without bruit
2050 *vision 20/50
2200 *vision* 20/200
23-hour admit or 23-hour hold ER
24-hour urine all urine that has been passed by one patient in 24 hours
25 stroke 100 means 25/100
2D-MD Doppler 2 dimensional, M mode Doppler
#3-0 Dexon suture
3TC *lamivudine* -- antiviral  
4/4 bilaterally ex: hand grasp was 4/4 bilaterally
4-dot *s/l* four-dot re: EENT
#4-0 Surgilene subcuticular suture
#4-0 silk ties suture
4500 cGy 4500 centigray (ex: 4500 cGy of MV photons in 25 fractions of 180 cGy)
50 pack years pack-years
5020 centigray radiotherapy  
6-months trial period should be typed six-month trial period or six months' trial period
6th nerve palsy or sixth-nerve palsy, or VIth nerve palsy
9 o'clock not nine o'clock
91230 *dictated* probably 91:30 *91 to 30*
a- before
a- without
A positive not A-positive
A&D ointment type as A and D ointment
antecedent preceeding event,
A&P Anterior and Posterior repair
A&P repair anterior and posterior repair of a systocele and rectocele
anterior cervical lymphadenopathy  
Anteroposterior drawe sign  
A&W alive & well
a.c. before meals
AC joint  
a.m. before noon
A1AD, Alpha1 Antitrypsin Deficiency an inherited recessive disorder resulting in low or no production of Alpha1 Antitrypsin. Lack of this protein leads to organ damage, mainly to the liver and lung. [Alpha1 Assn]
A-a gradient *alveolar-arterial PO2 gradient* A-a gradient *alveolar-arterial PO2 gradient*
A-a PO2 gradient A-a PO2 gradient
ab- away from
AB abortion
ab-away from  
abdomin abdomen
abdominal aortic aneurysm  
abdominal guarding  
abdominal sonogram visualization of the urinary tract including the kidney, ureters, and bladder
abdominocentesis puncture of the abdomen for aspiration of fluid;e.g., fluid accumulated in ascites
abdominoperineal pertaining to the abdomen and the perimeum , including the pelvic area, vulva, anus, scrotum
abducens muscle weakness  
abduction movement away from the body
abduction pillow  
Aberpro *s/l* maybe Avapro *cardiac*
ABG arterial blood gases - a lab test of arterial blood *usually taken from the wrist* which measures carbon dioxide and oxygen levels as well as acid-base status.
abnormal pertaining to away from normal
abortifacient drug that causes abortion
abortion *AB* expulsion of the pruduct of conception before the fetus can be viable *live outside the uterus*
abortion, incomplete fetal expulsion with parts of placenta remaining with bleeding
abortion, missed death of a fetus or embryo within the uterus that is not naturally expelled after death
abortion, spontaneous miscarriage
abortion, threatened bleeding, with threat of miscarriage
abortion, habitual spontaneous abortion occurring in three or more consecutive pregnancies
abortion, therapeutic *TAB* abortion induced by mechanical means or by drugs for medical consideration
ABPP *bropirimine* immunomodulator  
abruptio placentae premature detachment of a normally situated placenta
abscess localized collection of pus in a cavity formed by the inflammation of surrounding tissues that heal when drained or excised
abscessus a going away
absence seizure seizure involving a brief loss of consciousness without motor involvement - previously termed petite mal *little bad* seizure
abtruse*s/l* obtuse - difficult to understand
Acanthamoeba protozoan parasite causing keratosis in contact lens wearers
Acarus scabiei mites; *scabiei - itch mite*
accessory or motor *s/l* sensory or motor
acetabulum the cup-shaped socket in the hipbone
accommodation ability of the eye to adjust focus on near objects
ACCP American College of Chest Physicians
ACE inhibitors angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitors
acea remedy
acetabular cementing  
acetabulum socket where thigh bone joins pelvis
acetoacetic acid  
achalasia prolonged esophageal tightening
acid phos acid phosphatase
acid-base balance acid-base balance
acidemia abnormally high level of acid in the blood, low pH *< 7.35*
acid-fast bacillus *AFB* acid-fast bacillus *AFB*
acidosis presence of an abnormal amount of ketone bodies *acetone, beta-hydroxybutyric acid, and acetoacetic acid* in the blood and urine indicating an abnormal utilization of carbohydrates as seen in uncontrolled diabetes and starvation
acidosis, respiratory  
Aciphex rabeprazole sodium *for GERD*
ACLS advanced cardiac life support
acne point
acneiform eruption  
acous- hearing
acoustic neuroma a benign neoplasm arising from connective tissue cells in the perineurium of the eighth cranial nerve called a vestibular Schwannoma
acr- extremity or topmost
acreasing *s/l* acquiescing
acro- pertaining to an extremity
acrodermatitis enteropathica genetic defect in the malabsorption of zinc
acromegaly disease characterized by enlarged features, especially face and hands, caused by hypersecretion of the pituitary hormone
acromioclavicular joint connects the shoulder bone and collar bone
acromion type I, type II acromion; point of the shoulder
ACTG AIDS Clinical Trials Group
ACTH adrenocorticotrophic hormone
ACTH hormone which stimulates the adrenal cortex
ACTH injection  
actinic ray
activanus flow controller *s/l* Actis venous flow controller
Actose for Type II diabetes
Actose *pioglitazone hydrochloride* drug for type 2 diabetes
acuity ex: decreased auditory acuity
acuity testing, auditory physical assessment of hearing; useful in differentiating between conductive aor sensorineural hearing loss
acusis hearing condition
acute In medical language, relatively brief in time
acute sharp, having severe symptoms
acute exacerbation of  
AD right ear
ad lib. as desired
Adack *s/l* ADEKs - chewable tablets, OTC, vitamin/mineral supplement
Adam's apple thyroid cartilage
ad-a-nof-in *s/l* maybe ibuprofen
Adante balloon catheter  
Addison disease hypofunction of the adrenal cortex
adduction movement toward the body
aden- gland
adeno- gland
adenocarcinoma of the breast malignant tumor of glandular breast tissue
adenoid lymphatic tissue on the back of the pharynx behind the nose-also called pharyngeal tonsil
adenoid hypertrophy adenoid hypertrophy
adenoidectomy excision of the adenoids
adenoids collections of lymph tissue in the nasopharynx
adenomyosis hypertrophy and enlarged glands of myometrium
adenopathy condition of gland disease
ADH antidiuretic hormone
ADHD attention deficit hyperactivity disorder
adhesiolysis breaking down or severing of pelvic adhesions
adhesion to stick to
adhesiostomy breaking down or severing of pelvic adhesions
adip fat
adipose fat in the subcutaneous layer of the skin
adjuvant adjuvant 5-FU
adjuvant an agent that enhances another agent or chemical
ADLs activities of daily living
adnexa tissues or structures within the body that are adjacent to or near another
adnexa uterine tubes and ovaries *uterine appendages*
adren- adrenal gland
adrenal cortex  
adrenal glands located next to each kidney, the adrenal cortex secretes steroid hormones and the adrenal medulla secretes epinephrine and norepinephrine
adrenal medulla  
adrenal virilism excessive output of the adrenal secretion of androgen *male sex hormone* owing to tumor or hyperplasia in adult women evidenced by evidenced by amenorrhea, acne, hirsutism, and deepening of the voice
adrenalectomy excision of adrenal gland
adreno- adrenal gland
adrenocorticotrophic hormone *ACTH* stimulates secretion from the adrenal cortex
Adult Respiratory Distress Syndrome *ARDS* respiratory failure of sudden onset characterized by leakage of plasma into the lungs via damaged capillaries, resulting in fluid accumulation which deprives the lungs of their ability to expand. ARDS is a medical emergency. [ARDS Support Center website]
aer- air or gas
AER position abduction-external rotation *ortho term*
aerob air
AeroBid and AeroBid-M  
aerotitis media inflammation of the middle ear from change sin atmospheric pressure; often occurs in frquent air travel
AFB *acid-fast bacillus*  
AFB stain and culture  
afeochromacytoma *s/l* pheochromocytoma
afex ambulator shoes Apex *brand* ambulator shoes - capitalize
affect to change or be influenced
affect is somewhat flattened (or blunt) mental exam - means the expression on the face
afferent nerves also known as sensory nerves
a-fib bradyarrhythmia  
aganious *s/l* if soft g - could be injections, if hard g could be agonist or agonists
Agenerase *amprenavir* drug for HIV infection
agglutinin studies  
agitation / mood changes agitation / mood changes
agnosia any of many types of loss of neuroligic function associated with interpretation of sensory information
agon- to gather together
agrimony herbal medicine
air trapping the air caught behind collapsed bronchial branches during expiration
airbedus *s/l* maybe AeroBid
airway a passageway for air into or out of the lungs. [JHEncy]
airway collapse actual collapse or closure of branches of the bronchial tree, caused by weakened bronchial walls secondary to disease.
AKA amputation above the knee amputation
akikectic *s/l* cachectic
ALA American Lung Association
alb test albumin test
albinism condition characterized by partial or total lack of melanin pigment in the body
albino white
albumin- protein
albumin test *alb* chemical test used to detect the presence of albumin in the urine
albuminuria, albuminaturia presence of albumin in the urine; occurs in renal disease or in normal urine after heavy exercise
albuterol: Proventil  
alcohol EtoH
alcophos *s/l* alkaline phosphatase
Aldactone *spironlactone* drug used for water retention found to be useful in the treatment of congestive heart failure
Aldoril drug
ALF American Lung Foundation
alfalfa herbal medicine
Alferon LDO *interferon, alfa-n3* -- cytokine  
ALG Antilymphocyte Globulin
algia pain
Alimentum ready-to-use liquid OTC; hypoallergenic infant food
alkalemia Alkalemia - a blood pH above normal *> 7.45*.
alko-phos *s/l* alkaline phosphatase
alkphos *s/l* slang alkaline phosphatase
all trans retinoic acid All Trans Retinoic Acid *ATRA* - Vitamin A derivative being investigated for possible tissue regeneration in patients with mild to moderate emphysema. ATRA is known to be toxic when used systemically, but its use in treating acute promyelocytic leukemia *APL* has shown promising results
All Trans Retinoic Acid *ATRA* vitamin A derivative being investigated for possible tissue regeneration in patients with mild to moderate emphysema. ATRA is known to be toxic when used systemically, but its use in treating acute promyelocytic leukemia *APL* has shown promising results
allergic bronchopulmonary aspergillosis  
allergic rhinitis allergic rhinitis
allopurinol drug
alnyisin and niacin
alocurinol *s/l* allopurinol re: EENT
aloe herbal medicine
alopecia fox mange; baldness; natural or unnatural deficiency of hair
ALPHA 1 or A1AT Antitrypsin Deficiency Emphysema
alpha beta protein *s/l* alpha-fetoprotein
Alpha Keri  
Alpha1 Antitrypsin Deficiency *A1AD* - an inherited recessive disorder resulting in low or no production of Alpha1 Antitrypsin. Lack of this protein leads to organ damage, mainly to the liver and lung. [Alpha1 Assn]
ALS Advanced Life Support
altered levels of consciousness altered levels of consciousness
Alternaria mold allergen
Alupent drug for respiratory problems
alveol- alveolus *air sac*
alveolar alveolar
Alveolar Macrophage *AM* a cell in in the lungs which engulfs bacteria and foreign material and produces enzymes to protect the lung.
Alveoli tiny air sacs at the end of the bronchioles where oxygen crosses capillaries into the bloodstream, exchanging it for carbon dioxide crossing from the bloodstream into the alveoli to be exhaled. [JHEncy]
alveoli proteinosis  
alveolus alveolus *plural*
Alzheimer disease not Alzheimer's disease
Alzheimer's disease dementia
Alzheimer's disease disease of structural changes in the brain resulting in an irreversible deterioration that progresses from forhetfulness and disorientation to loss of all intellectual functions; total disability, and death
AM, Alveolar Macrophage *AM* a cell in in the lungs which engulfs bacteria and foreign material and produces enzymes to protect the lung.
Amaranth-Chenopod allergen
amastia absence of a breast or lack of breast development
Amatrex *s/l* Imitrex
amaurosis jujax  
amber tympanic membranes  
ambidextrous dexterity in both hands
AME agreed medical evaluation
ameba a microscopic, single-celled, parasitic organism
amenorrhea absence of menstruation
AmFAR AmFAR: The American Foundation for AIDS Research
amino acids building blocks of proteins
aminophylline drug
amirengidis *s/l* myringitis
AML anatomic medullary locking
amniocentesis aspiration of a small amount of amniotic fluid for analysis of possible fetal abnormalities
amnioinfusion introduction of a solution into the amniotic sac - most commonly an isotonic solution used to reliev fetal distress
amniotic fluid fluid within the amniotic sac that surrounds and protects the fetus
amniotic sac membranes surrounding the embryo in the uterus filled with amniotic fluid
amorosis fujax *s/l* amaurosis fujax
amox *s/l* short for amoxicillin
Amplatz wire  
Ampligen -- immunomodulator  
amprenavir *Agenerase* drug for HIV infection
amputation to cut around; partial or complete removal of a limb
amputation, AKA above the knee amputation
amputation, BKA below the knee amputation
Amsler grid eye test
amt amount
amylase an enzyme that catalyzes the hydrolysis of starch into smaller carbohydrate molecules
amylo starch
amyotrophic lateral sclerosis disease of motor neuron degeneration
an- anus
an- without
ANA Antinuclear Antibodies Test
anchovy procedure procedure where a joint resection is filled with a piece of tendon
anacusis total hearing loss
anaerobic pertaining to without air
anafzene *s/l* Inapsine *for vomiting*
anal fistula an abnormal tube-like passageway from the anus that may connect with the rectum
anal fistulectomy excision of an anal fistula
analgesic drug that relieves pain
anastomosis opening; joining of two blood vessels to allow flow from one to the other
anatomic medullary locking *AML*  
anatomical position standing erect, eyes forward, with arms at the sides, and feet and palms directed forward
andarterectomy *s/l* endarterectomy; coring of the lining of an artery to clear a blockage caused by a clot or artherosclerotic plaque build-up
andr- male
andro- male
androgen male hormone produced by testes; testosterone is one
anencephaly congenital absence of cerebral hemispheres
anesthetic a drug that temporarily blocks transmission of nerve conduction to produce a loss of sensation *e,g, pain*
aneurysm a widening; bulging of the wall of the heart, aorta, or artery caused by congenital defect or acquired weakness
aneurysm abnormal dilation of a vessel
aneurysm bulging of a vessel
aneurysm, dissecting a split or tear of the vessel wall
aneurysm, fusiform a spindle-shaped bulge
aneurysm, saccular a sac-like bulge on one side
aneurysms, three types saccular, fusiform, dissecting
angelica root herbal medicine
angi- vessel
angiectasis expansion or dilation of a blood vessel
angina cramp in heart muscle
angina pectoris chest pain caused by a temporary loss of oxygenated blood to the heart muscle often caused by narrowing of coronary arteries
angiogram record obtained by angiography
angiography x-ray of a blood vessel after injection of a contrast medium
angioma, cherry bright red, round, blood vessel tumor
angioplasty procedure performed to relieve stricture in the left coronary artery system caused by artherosclerotic plaque
angioscopy use of a flexible fiberoptic angioscope accompanied by an irrigation system, camera, video recorder, and a monitor that is guided through a specific blood vessel to visually assess a lesion and select the mode of therapy
angiotensin-converting enzyme *ACE* inhibitor drug that suppresses the conversion of angiotensin in the blood by the angiotensin-converting enzyme; used in the treatment of hypertension
angle jerks  
anise seed herbal medicine
anisocytosis Considerable variation in the size of cells that are normally uniform, especially with reference to blood cells
ankly- crooked or stiff
ankyloglossia tongue-tie; a defect of the tongue characterized by a short, thick frenulum
ankylosing spondylitis progressive arthritis with stiff spine
ankylosis stiff joint condition
anomaly deviation from what is regarded as normal
anonymous *s/l* homonymous
anorchism absence of one or both testes
anorexia loss of apetite
anoscope short speculum for exam of anal canal and lower rectum
anosmia absence of smell
anosmia anosmia
anovulation absence of ovulation
ANS autonomic nervous system
antacid drug the neutralizes stomach acid
ante- before
antecubital in front of the elbow; at the bend of the elbow
anteflexion of uterus abnormal forward bending of the uterus
antepartum before labor
anterior toward the front of the body
anterior chamber fluid-filled space between cornea and iris
anterior drawer sign  
anterior infarction not interior infarction
anterior lateral *s/l* =anteriolateral
anterior myocardial ischemia  
anterior pituitary  
anterior repair  
anterior submacular  
anteroposterior pasing from the front to the rear or could be anterior and posterior *ex: anterior and posterior inferior aspects
anthracosis coal dust accumulation in the lungs
anti- against or opposed to
antianginal a drug that dilates coronary arteries, restoring oxygen to the tissues to relieve pain of angina pectoris
antiarrhythmic a drug that counteracts cardiac arrhythmia
antibiotic Antibiotic - medication that interferes with the growth of bacteria and may stop an infection.
antibiotic drug that kills or inhibits the growth of microorganisms
antibiotic ophthalmic solution antimicrobial agent in solution, used to treat bacterial infections, *conjunctivitis, corneal ulcers, etc*
anticardiolipin antibodies  
anticholinergic an agent that blocks parasympathetic nerve impulses
anticoagulant a drug that prevents clotting of blood commonly used in treating thrombophlebitis
anticoagulant against clotting
anticoagulant drug that dissolves, or prevents the formation of thrombi or emboli in the blood vessels
antidiuretic hormone hormone that serves as a chemical messenger from the brain to the distal tubules and collecting ducts of the kidneys
antidiuretic hormone *ADH* influences the absorption of water by kidney tubules
antiemetic drug that prevents or stops vomiting
antifossfal lipid antibodies *s/l* antiphospholipid antibodies
antifungal a drug that kills or prevents the growth of fungi
antigen ex: surface antigen, core antigen
antihistamine drug that neutralizes or inhibits the effects of histamine
antihistimine a drug that blocks the effects of histamine in the body
antihypertensive a drug that lowers blood pressure
antihypoglycemic a drug that raises blood glucose
anti-inflammatory a drug that reduces inflammation
antipruritic a drug that relieves itching
antipyretic a drug that relieves fever
antiseizure one word
antiseptic an agent that inhibits the growth of infectious microorganisms
antispasmodic drug that decrease mobility in gastrointestinal to arrest spasm or diarrhea
antispasmodic drug that relieves spasm
antithyroid microsome  
antri- atrium
anuresis no output of urine
anuria no output of urine
anus opening of the rectum to the outside of the body
anxiety anxiety
aort- aorta
aorta large artery that is the main trunk of the arterial system branching from the left ventricle
aorta largest artery of the body
aortic valve heart valve between the left ventricle and the aorta
APAP *s/l* could be a PC02 of
APAP *s/l* try UPEP or APAB
apex upper most; highest point; the tip of
apex of the lung  
aphagia G inability to swallow
aphakia absence of the lens, usually after cataract extraction
aphasia S inability to speak
aphonia condition of without voice or speech
aphthous stomatitis inflammation of mouht with small ulcers
apical apical
apical area  
apical impulse  
apical pulse  
apices plural of apex
apnea inability to breathe
apneic apneic
append- appendix
appendectomy excision or removal of the appendix
appendectomy, incidental removal of the appendix during abdominal surgery for another procedure
appendic- appendix
appendicitis inflammation of the appendix
appendicular skeleton bones of shoulders, pelvis, and upper & lower extremities
appendimona *s/l* ependymoma - a neoplasm consiting of undifferentiated ependymal cells
appendix narrow blind tube about 3-4 inches long that extends from the cecum at the lower right abdomen
apprehension test also inhibition test
aprazalam *s/l* alprazolam
aq- water
aque- water
aqueous humor watery liquid secreted at the ciliary body that fills the anterior and posterior chambers of the eye and provides nourishment for the cornea, iris, and lens
aquired immune deficiency syndrome also check acquired immunodeficiency syndrome
ARC acquired immunodeficiency syndrome-related complex
arcane known only to the person speaking it
arch bar used for repair of mandibular fractures
arche beginning *suffix*
arcosis antlava *s/l* maybe arcus anterior atlas *anterior arch of the atlas* the more slender part joining the lateral masses of the atlas ventrally
ARDS Adult Respiratory Distress Syndrome *ARDS* - respiratory failure of sudden onset characterized by leakage of plasma into the lungs via damaged capillaries, resulting in fluid accumulation which deprives the lungs of their ability to expand. ARDS is a medical emergency. [ARDS Support Center website]
areola dark pigmented area around the nipple
argon laser photocoagulation  
Aricept drug for trouble with memory
arithromiacin see erythromycin
arrhythmia irregularity or loss of rythym of the heartbeat
Arriva *s/l* could be Arava - drug for rheumatoid arthritis
arterial blood gas *ABG* arterial blood gas *ABG*
arterial blood gases *ABGs* analysis of arterial blood to determine adequacy of lung function in the exchange of gases
arteries vessels that carry blood FROM the heart to the arterioles
arteriogram x-ray of a particular artery *e.g., coronary arteriogram, renal arteriogram*
arterioles small vessels that receive blood from the arteries
arteriosclerosis thickening; loss of elasticity; and calcification of arterial walls
arteriosclerosis obliterans condition in which plaque completely occludes the lumen of an artery
arteriosclerotic heart disease a degenerative condition of the arteries characterized by thickening of the inner lining, loss of elasticity, and susceptibility to rupture-seen most often in the aged or smokers*
arteriotomy an incision into an artery
artery blood vessel that carries oxygenated blood
Arthered G *s/l* Arthra G - drug for osteoarthritis
arthero- fatty degeneration
arthr- joint
arthralgia joint pain
arthritis inflammation of the joints characterized by pain, sweling, redness, warmth, and limitation of motion - there are more than 100 different type of arthritis
arthritis tea herbal medicine
arthrocentesis puncture for aspirartion of a joint
arthrodesis binding or fusing of joint surfaces
arthrogram a x-ray of a joint taken after injection of a contrast medium
arthrominodosin *s/l* erythema nodosum
arthroplasty repair or reconstruction of a joint
arthroscope lensed fiberoptic telescope inserted into a joint
arthroscopy procedure with an arthroscope to examine, diagnose, and repair a joint from within
arthyro check erythro
articul- joint
articular cartilage a gristle-like substance found on bones where they articulate
articulation the place of union between two or more bones
AS left ear
asbestosis asbestos particles in the lungs
ascites an accumulation of fluid in the peritoneal cavity
ascitic a fluid wave in the abdomen
Ascol *s/l* try Ascot for diabetes
ascos bag
Ascot drug for diabetes
ASD atrial septal defect
A-serp-tin Ascriptin"? Aspirin with antacids--an NSAID
ASF American Share Foundation
ASO titer ASO=antistreptolysin-O, titer strength of a solution or concentration of a substance *as an antibody* in solution as determined by titration
Aspergillus allergen
aspermia inability to secrete or ejaculate sperm
asphyxia asphyxia
aspiration inhalation
aspiration pneumonia aspiration pneumonia
assist/control mode ventilation assist/control mode ventilation
astereognosis inability to judge the form of an object by touch *e.g. a coin from a key*
asthenia weakness
asthenopis eyestrain
asthma a chronic inflammatory airway disease characterized by airway narrowing, bronchospasm and wheezing; asthma is considered a reversible condition. Asthma is called a reactive airway disease *RAD*. [JHEncy]
asthma panting; obstructive pulmonary disease caused by a spasm of the bronchial tubes or by swelling of their mucous membrane, characterized by paroxysmal *sudden, periodic* attacks of wheezing, dyspnea, and cough
asthmatic bronchitis Asthmatic Bronchitis - Coexistence of wheezing and chronic bronchitis.
astigmatism distorted vision caused by an oblong or cylindrical curvature of the lens or cornea that prevents light rays from coming to a single focus on the retina
astomotoic *s/l* or an astomotic- anastomotic *one word*
ASTRA old name for Chem panel
astragalus herbal medicine
ataxia failure of muscular coordination
atele- imperfect
atelectasis Atelectasis - incomplete expansion of the lung
atelectasis colapse of lung tissue *alveoli*
ATG Antithymocyte Globulin
ather- fat
atherectomy excision of atheromatous plaque from within an artery utilizing a device housed in a flexible catheter that selectively cuts away or pulverizes tissue build-up
atherectomy referred to in slang as "roto-rooter job"
atheromatous plaque a swollen area within the lining of an artery caused by the build-up of fats *lipids*
atherosclerosis build up of fatty substances within the walls of the arteries
atisoy flaps *s/l* Atasoy *capitalized* *re: fingers*
atlas the 1st vertebra of the neck
atony lack of normal tone or strength
atopognosis inability to located a sensation properly, such as to locate a point touched on the body
ATRA All Trans Retinoic Acid
ATRA Syndrome a life-threatening complication that can occur during the treatment of acute promyelocytic leukemia *APL* by ATRA. Main clinical signs are respiratory distress, fever, pulmonary infiltrates, weight gain, pleural effusion, renal failure, pericardial effusion, cardiac failure and hypotension. [more info]
atrial fibrillation  
atrial septal defect *ASD* an opening in the septum separating the atria
atrioventricular node *AV node* neurological tissue in the center of the heart that receives and amplifies the conduction of impulses from the SA node to the bundle of His
atrium upper right chamber of the heart
atropian *s/l* ectropian
atrophic small, poorly functioning, withered
atrophic vaginitis thinning of the vagina and loss of moisture owing to depletion of estrogen, which causes inflammation of tissue
atrophy shrinking of muscle size
atropine drug for respiratory problems
ATS American Thoracic Society
AU both ears
audi- hearing
audiogram record of hearing measurement
audiologist person who specializes in the study of hearing impairments
audiometer instrument to measure hearing
audiometry process of measuring hearing
auditory acuity testing physical assessment of hearing; useful in differentiating between conductive aor sensorineural hearing loss
auditory meatus auditory canal
auditory tube tube connecting the middle ear to the pharynx *throat*
aur- ear
Aureobasidium *Pullularia* allergen
auricle flap of the ear *pinna*
auscultation a physical examination method of listening to sounds within the body with the aid of a stethoscope *e.g., auscultation of the chest for heart and lung sounds*
auscultation and percussion  
auto self
autologous sample: will donate autologous blood
autologous access  
autonomic nervous system *ANS* nerves that carry involuntary impulses to smooth muscle, cardiac muscle, and various glands
AV Gore-Tex graft  
AV node atrioventricular node
AV sequential  
AV synchronous  
Avalide *irbesartan hydrochlorothiazide* drug for hypertension
Avandia *rosiglitazone maleate* drug for type 2 diabetes, 2, 4 or 8 mg doses
avascular necrosis  
Avonex *interferon beta-1A* drug for relapsing, remitting multiple sclerosis
axetomegalovirus cytomegalovirus
axial skeleton bones of skull, vertebral column, chest, and hyoid bone *u-shaped bone lying at the base of the tongue*
axillary armpit
axillity *s/l* axial loading, or a laxity
axis deviation  
axon carries nerve impulses away from cell body
aycock 0 *s/l* ECOG 0 --- 0 is a zero not letter O
AzdU *azidouridine*  
Azmacort drug for respiratory problems
azoospermia semen without living spermatazoa; a sign of infertility in the male *zoo = life*
azopharyngeal *s/l* = nasopharyngeal
azotemia excess of urea and other nitrogenous waste in the blood as a result of kidney failure
azotemias ex: prerenal azotemias
AZT-P-ddl *Scriptene*  
azygos lobe  

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