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  • Author - Full Member Australian Society of Authors
  • Wisdom of the Australian Animals - Animal Totems & Power Animals
  • Auz Astrology - The Australian Animal Astrology Zodiac
  • Butterfly Kisses Inspirational Cards
  • Inner Wisdom Guidance Cards
  • Australian Animal Tarot Deck
  • Circles of Wisdom - Native American Animal Totems
  • A Basic Introduction to Aromatherapy
  • How to See Aura's
  • Reiki Workshops - All levels ~ Reiki Master Trainer
  • Stress Management & Learn How to Relax
  • Healing Power of Crystals - Level One, Level Two, Level Three, Level Four, Level Five, Level Six - Six levels in Total
  • Seichim - Hands On Healing
  • Physio-Emotional Release Therapy - P.E.R.T.
  • Clairvoyant Readings - Personal Consultations or Postal
  • Spiritual Healing Course - A.S.H.A. Supervisor/Tutor (A.S.H.A. Qld Inc - Courses)
  • Developing Your Psychic Powers
  • Introduction to Meditation
  • A Basic Understanding of Tarot
  • Photography courses [SLR, Creative and many more]
  • Contemporary Painting Practices

~Achieving Inner Wisdom~

Within us all is the divine capacity to manifest and create all that we need and desire in our daily lives. Deep inside is a 'Inner Wisdom' or a' 'Inner Knowing' that can help each and every one of us to live a powerful and joyous life. However most of us have been taught or have developed belief patterns that prevent us from reaching these abilities - this 'Inner Wisdom - I call it ' 'The Way'.

So what is this elusive 'Inner knowing'? Our ' 'Inner Wisdom' is often referred to as our Higher Consciousness. It is a higher aspect of our personality selves and is the link between our physical being and our soul being. It is the Higher Self that knows what we have been, who we are now and where we are going. It is the part of us that can provide all our answers and the total knowledge of the universal mind. Our Higher Self is that part of us that loves unconditionally and is always there for healing, growth and inner guidance.

The Higher Self is our Guardian Angel during our lifetimes whether we are aware of it or not. The more conscious we become of this connection the easier we find that inner guidance and inner wisdom flows into every part of our daily lives.

Once we have learnt how to work with this Inner Wisdom, we can begin to tap into and use all the inner Wisdom and consciousness that exists in the Cosmic Universe and the Universal Mind.

We are spiritual beings having a human experience in these our physical bodies and our presence on Mother Earth allows our spiritual selves to learn through this physical experience. As spiritual beings that we are connected to all via our Higher Consciousness, to all life and all consciousness within the universe. Increasing our awareness of this spiritual aspect of ourselves not only guides us in our journey through life it also speeds up the growth of our spiritual self.

Every step we take on our path of growth, is a move towards knowing the all-encompassing unconditional love of 'The Creator and therefore each steps brings us more unconditional love, abundance, harmony, peace and joy into our lives daily.

An essential part of reaching into our Inner Wisdom is the ability to calm the conscious mind, to quieten the incessant background chatter that drowns out so much of what we need to know.

Accessing this inner ability is a warm, safe, loving exercise. All life is consciousness and consciousness is energy the underlying essence of which is unconditional love. As we learn to reach into the higher vibrations of ourselves, as we get more in-tune with the deeper parts of life, we also open ourselves to powerful unconditional love from all sources in the Universe.

Inner Wisdom Centre for Spiritual Development
Teaching Academy

offers correspondence courses as well as workshops and Seminars within Australia and Overseas.
Founders of the Teaching Academy are the Reverend Dr Ann Williams-Fitzgerald & Greg Fitzgerald. Ann holds a PhD in Science of Metaphysics and a PhD in Holistic Counselling and Spiritual Healing, Ann is also a Independent Reiki Master Teacher/Trainer, Seichim Master Teacher, Crystal Therapist, Aromatherapist, Spiritual Healer of 15 years and is a Supervisor/Tutor with A.S.H.A. Qld Inc for Spiritual Healing, Author (Words of Guidance & Wisdom of the Australian Animals Book & Card Set ), Auz Astrology Spiritual & Professional Counsellor and channel for 'Son of White Cloud'. As well as a professional Photographer.

Greg Fitzgerald C.dec, is also an Independent Reiki Master Teacher, Crystal Therapist, Photographer, Spiriutal Healer and an Abuse & Trauma Counsellor graduating from the Australian Institute of Professional Counsellors.

Ann has a wide experience of life on many levels, Ann's search for 'spiritual truth' started over 39 years ago, at the age of 9 years, when Ann realised that not everyone was capable of having 'clear visions'. She had taken it for granted that, all little girls had dreams about things which later happened. Ann has over 29 years experience in metaphysics and healing work.

Ann has always known that all knowledge is within ourselves. When we are in touch with our inner selves, we automatically become in touch with our guides. She sees her life as a journey of self-discovery, and has for many years pursued various methods of self development in order to achieve an understanding of herself and others. Ann, a clairvoyant, has been reading tarot for over 27 years both here in Australia and overseas. Ann's ability to share her gifts (teachings) and her commitment to all people, has led Ann (and her dedicated team) to devote her life to sharing her 'medicine' as she calls .

Ann regularly runs workshops in Australia and overseas on Reiki - Hands On Healing, Seichim, Spiritual Healing, Crystal Therapy, Wisdom of the Australian Animals, Circles of Wisdom (Native American Wisdom), Auz Astrology, Developing Your Psychic Powers, Understanding Tarot, Stress Manangement, Introduction to Meditation, Photography and How to See Aura's, as well as being an Ordained Spiritual Minister & Ordained Madonna Minister & Priest. Ann was consecrated a Bishop into the Madonna Ministry on the 22nd August 1998 at Bournemouth UK. Ann is a Justice of the Peace (Qual) and a celebrant (retired marriage celebrant) who conducts Committment Ceremonies, Naming Ceremonies & Renewal of Vows for any who seek them.

Ann's conviction that there are like-minded people who have a need to come together on a regular basis for fellowship and healing prompted her to establish not only Inner Wisdom Centre for Spiritual Development Teaching Academy but also Eagle Lodge Spiritual Centre. There are now over a dozen Eagle Lodge Spiritual Groups around Australia continuing her vision.

Ann and Greg, shine like welcoming lights on a dark night, they give freely of their time, working tirelessly to enhance the lives of others, you will experience in their workshops, or anytime you meet them. Ask yourself what one step could you take now that would contribute the most to your spiritual path. Then take it! and reach out! Learn to Trust, Play and Sing with the Universe and Spirit.

Ann is credited with coining the phrase "The Three I's".

The Three I's is a spiritual precept,
a way to live your life.


The Three I's is truly a wonderful precept to live by. Not only in your spiritual life but in every aspect of your day to day lives. No matter what it is you are considering doing, check in first with your Three I's and see if you get a tick on all three areas. Ask yourself "Am I in integrity with this action? Am I infringing on others?", "What are my intentions? Are they pure or am I flattering my ego?" "What does my intuition tell me? Does my gut tell me it's the right action' If you can not get three ticks to all your questions. DON'T DO IT!

You need to have three ticks before you proceed ahead with the action you were considering regardless of whether we are talking about healing, dealing with clients, staff or family members. Applying for a new job or deciding on a course of action. This simple but very important precept can be effectively used in every and all areas of your life. Only you can actively work with the Three I's as no one else can tell you what Integrity, Intention or Intuition means to you. This is a very effective and very personal precept to active and use in your life.

If you truly live by the Three I's you will find a huge shift and change take place in your life. We welcome you to use and embrace the Three I's and see the difference in your life it will make.


No infringement on others or allowing others to infringe on you. Not imposing your will on others or allowing others to impose their will on you. Being honest with yourself.


Your intent must be pure - no ego involved Earnest in your intentions. Right conduct.


Trust your Inner Self - your insight Your gut feeling must be giving you the OK Your yes/no center is in place. Checking In with yourself - Does it feel right. Direct perception of truths. The ability to perceive your own truths. To walk your walk and talk your talk.

Copyright 1994 Ann Williams-Fitzgerald

P.E.R.T. is a revolutionary new therapy developed in Australia by Natural Therapists & Counsellors Greg Fitzgerald and Ann Williams-Fitzgerald. It consists of a vibrational energy-based and counselling therapy for the releasing of structural and subtle energy blockages stored in the body and the auric field.

P.E.R.T. allows the client to

The 1999 'Tools for Your Personal Growth' Tour of Australia by Australian Author of 'Wisdom of the Australian Animals' Dr Ann Williams-Fitzgerald. Ann was 'In Store' at a bookshop near you.

Auz Astrology


Inner Wisdom Centre for Spiritual Development
Teaching Academy-Australia

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