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Auz Astrology - The Australian Animal Zodiac

Auz Astrology The Australian Animal Zodiac

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Auz Astrology

The Australian Astrology

Ann Williams-Fitzgerald

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Auz Astrology - The Australian Animal Zodiac Following on from Ann's book 'Wisdom of the Australian Animals' Ann explores in detail the Australian Animal Astrology (Auz Astrology) she introduced us to in 1997. The Zodiac is divided into twelve signs, beginning at Aries and ending at Pisces. In Auz Astrology we start with Kangaroo and end with Platypus. Travelling through these twelve signs enables us to find our keys to harmony and healing - to find our souls purpose. Now in its second print run.

Now we will explore the Auz Astrology Animals in a bit more detail

Australian Animal Astrology

Auz Astrology

1997 Ann Williams-Fitzgerald


Astrology Sign -Australian Animal - Rune Symbol = Means

Aries - Red Kangaroo - Movement = Shifting Attitudes
Taurus- Hairy-nosed Wombat- Fertility = End of Cycle
Gemini- Pygmy Sugar Glider- Breakthrough = Self Change
Cancer- Koala- Strength = To clear obstacles
Leo- Frilled Neck Lizard/Gecko- Signals = Gain wisdom
Virgo- Echidna (Spiny Anteater)- Opening = Self confidence
Libra- Sulphur Crested Cockatoo- Joy = Bringer of Light
Scorpio- Red Back Spider- Constraint = Power to overcome
Sagittarius- Kookaburra/kingfisher- Harvest = Fruitful outcome
Capricorn-Goanna- Initiation = Inner Guidance-
Aquarius- Emu- Wholeness = Power to achieve
Pisces- Platypus- Growth = New Beginnings


The Astrology Animals are not just here for us to enjoy as we do they also have a serious message that they want to bring to us. If we read the Rune meaning in order from Aries through to Pisces this is the message they bring: -

"We here today have the power to bring about shifting attitudes and to end a cycle of destruction, to bring about our own self-change to clear all obstacles in our path. We have now gained wisdom and have our own self confidence to become, 'Bringers of light' with the power to overcome the global problems, so we can bring about a fruitful outcome when we listen to our inner guidance as we all here today have the power to achieve NEW BEGINNINGS for our Mother Earth."

Signs on the Cusp

Ann Williams-Fitzgerald 1999

Astrologers are often asked why dates in books, magazines and newspapers differ by a day or so, and how it is possible to identify their correct sign, when in one publication they are a Leo (Frilled Neck Lizard) and in another they are a Cancerian (Koala).

The reason for this is that the Sun does not enter the zodiacal signs on the same day every year, or on the same day of the month, each month. This is because there are 360 degree in the Zodiac and 365 1/2 days in the Zodiac year.

The beginning of each sign is divided from its preceding sign by a line known as the cusp,and those born at the time of this division are cuspal types (subjects born on the cusp). Characteristics from both signs will apply to this individual.

Cusp of Pisces (Platypus) and Aries (Kangaroo)
at or about 20 March 21st March.

At birth Platypus traits will be predominant. As life progresses, the nature will become more dominant and adopt a more Kangaroo type quality, but many of the original Platypus influences may remain throughout life.

Cusp of Aries (Kangaroo) and Taurus (Wombat)
at or about 20th April.

A Blending of the two signs in early life is likely to soften into more Wombat tendencies, with maturity.

Cusp of Taurus (Hairy-nosed Wombat) and Gemini (Sugar Glider)
at or about 21st May.

The charming Venus (Hairy-nosed wombat) child will develop the ready wit, intelligence and quick perception of Gemini. At the same time the qualities of Venus will soften those of Sugar Glider.

Cusp of Gemini (Sugar Glider) and Cancer (Koala)
at or about 21st June.

The balance of these two signs is a curious mixture. The clear reasoning and logic of the Sugar Glider mind would be lost in Koala, the sensitive and emotional Moon subject. There could be much early conflict but eventually the tenacity of Koala will take over.

Cusp of Cancer (Koala) and Leo (Frilled-neck Lizard/Gecko)
at or about 23rd July.

This is a good combination the sensitive Moon-flower will blossom into a gorgeous Sun-Flower, symbol of Frilled-neck Lizard/Gecko.

Cusp of Leo (Frilled-neck Lizard/Gecko) and Virgo (Echidna)
at or about 23rd August.

It the Sun and early influences of Frilled-neck Lizard/Gecko are strong, this will help to set Echidna well on the way to success. The artistic and literary quality of Echidna will be far more highly developed due to its blending with Frilled-neck Lizard/Gecko.

Cusp of Virgo (Echidna) and Libra (Cockatoo/Galah)
at or about 23rd September

The humility and kindness of Echidna blends well with the affable, courteous and sociable cockatoo. The resulting nature of this person would be predominantly kind.

Cusp of Libra (Sulphur-crested Cockatoo/Galah) and Scorpio (Red Back Spider)
at or about 23rd October

Red Back Spider could do well with the Cockatoo influence and develop into a much less demanding and hot-tempered biting individual.

Cusp of Scorpio (Red Back Spider) and Sagittarius (Kookaburra/Kingfisher)
At or about 22nd November.

This combination would need careful handling as a young child, and the nature would improve as the influences of Jupiter develop. Both are courageous signs.

Cusp of Sagittarius (Kookaburra/Kingfisher) and Capricorn (Goanna)
at or about 21st 23rd December

A mixture of the optimism of Jupiter and the sterner negative influences of Saturn would result in a rather restless nature, kind and mentally alert with possible an interest in religion or philosophy.

Cusp of Capricorn (Goanna) and Aquarius (Emu)
at or about 20th January

Here are two rather detached natures, but in different ways. A solid background may be in conflict with freedom-loving Emus as a child, but the effects of this will set the Emu mind in the right direction.

Cusp of Aquarius (Emu) and Pisces (Platypus)
at or about 19th February

The dreamy imagination of Platypus and the aloofness of Emu make a strange combination, but could result in great talent in the fields of art and the cinema.

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