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A Seichim Workshop is a two day event and costs $550.00 (Australian)


Reiki I & II or an extended period working with energy. Each applicant will be assessed on his or her experience of working with energy.

Send for an application form: Inner Wisdom Centre for Spiritual Development Teaching Academy, PO Box 105, Mackay 4740, Qld, Australia.

On acceptance you will be advised on the next Seichim workshop in your area. Group workshops and one-on-one training available.
Workshops available in Australia and overseas.

There has been a lot of people attuned into Seichim, in Australia, at the same time as they have received their Reiki attunements, without them attending a Seichim workshop or receiving information about Seichim. Unfortunately they have not been trained in this magnificent modality and do not have a full understanding of how, to work with this energy and benefit from it. If you have receive a Seichim attunement but no information, it may be time to find out how the'drive' that energy. What is the point of having a car but no keys or manual!

Your International Seichim Master: Dr Ann Williams-Fitzgerald PhD


This empowering form of hands on healing traces it origins back to Shin Yon Buddhists who travelled to Egypt to be initiated into the temples of the ancient mystery schools. They translated the Egyptian "Sekhem" from hieroglyphs into its Sanskrit equivalent Seichim that means 'mystery' or 'sacred might'

It is told Mongolian hordes descended upon Southern India and conquered the area where many races had gathered to share healing practices and wisdoms. Many fled to the safety of the Tibetan Mountains before moving on to China, India, Africa, Japan, and the Polynesian Islands and Australia.

An American Reiki Master, Patrick Zeigler, reawakened Seichim in the Western World in the early 1980's. Inner Wisdom Reiki Master Ann Williams-Fitzgerald was initiated as a Seichim Master in the USA. The spiritual lineage of Inner Wisdom Seichim traces its origin through Dr Usui and Quan Yin back to the Egyptian Goddess Sekhem.

Robert Masters in his book "The Goddess Sekhmet" tells of how the ancient Egyptians are the only known civilised people displaying knowledge and regard for a well functioning physical body. Their bodies are almost universally shown as graceful and light, being able to make use of and direct energy in the absence of excessive muscular development. The body and the mind are in continuous interaction.

SA SEKHEM SAHU - is the mantra of the Goddess Sekhmet.
SA - the breath of life
SAHU - the realised human being
SEKHEM - the sacred might or power

Sekhem is described as being present in the bodies of the Gods and as something man takes with him into heaven from the earth plane.

Seichim integrates and empowers all other modalities, encompassing vibration resonance and the use of the symbols. Some recipients have remarked on how gentle and subtle Seichim is, while others remark on the truly feminine nature of the energy, expressing surprise that treatments take fifteen minutes or less.

Dr Ann Williams-Fitzgerald, PhD - Seichim Master Teacher

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