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Who is Ann Williams-Fitzgerald


Ann Williams-Fitzgerald PhD, Author, Independent Reiki Master Teacher & Metaphysical practitioner resides in the tropical, coastal city of George Town, Tasmania, Australia with her husband, Greg Fitzgerald. Ann was born in Tasmania in 1953, and moved to Queensland in 1980 until they relocated back to Tasmania in May 2019. Ann has a wide experience of life on many levels, Ann's search for 'spiritual truth' started 57 year ago, at the age of 9 years, when Ann realized that not everyone was capable of having clear visions. She had taken it for granted that, all little girls had dreams about things which later happened. Ann has over 39 years experience in metaphysics and healing work. Ann has a PhD in Science of Metaphysics and is the author of five books:"Words of Guidance" by Son of White Cloud & the Wise Ones $9.95, "The Inner Wisdom Path to Reiki - An Independent View", "Wisdom of the Australian Animals' Book and Card Set [OUT OF PRINT], Auz Astrology - The Australian Animal Zodiac $14.95 and The Keys to Successful Healing - A Beginners Manual

Ann has been channelling 'Son of White Cloud' (a Native American) and others now for over 25 years. Ann and Greg have travelled extensively over the past eleven (22) years teaching workshops and working quietly within the healing field in UK, Canada, USA and Australia.

Ann has always known that all knowledge is within ourselves. When we are in touch with our inner selves, we automatically become in touch with our guides. She sees her life as a journey of self-discovery, and has for many years pursed various methods of self-development in order to achieve an understanding of herself and others.

Ann, a clairvoyant, has been reading Tarot for over 44 years both here in Australia and overseas, Ann has helped many of her clients find their true path in life. Over many years she has acquired a following that literally spans the globe. Her repeat clients are a testament to her incredibly accurate readings.
Ann is also a Professional & Spiritual Counsellor (who holds a Diploma of Professional Counselling from the Australian Institute of Professional Counsellors. Ann is a Crystal Therapist and a member of the Australian Spiritual Healers Association Qld Inc, Independent Reiki Association of Australia, Universal Association of Metaphysical Practitioner Inc.(NZ),Vibrational Medicine Society of Australasia, Gaia Alliance, National Federation of Healers Inc and the World Federation of Healing (UK) and a member of Oasis-UK . Ann is also a qualified Aromatherapist holding a Diploma with Honours in Aromatherapy and is a current member of the Australian Aromatherapy Association, Australian Herb Society and she is a Seichim Master and practitioner of Gem and Shell Essences.

Ann is credited with teaching and coining the phrase the three (3 I's), being: 'I' for Integrity, 'I' for Intention and 'I' for Intuition.

In 1988, Ann, one of the innovators in Australia to market the concept of bright and inviting 'New Age Gift' stores, set up in Mackay, the first of her stores in the successful retail chain called 'The Mystic Connection'. IN 2000 Ann sold the original Mackay outlet and closed another retail outlet called 'Rainforest Magic'. Since 2000, Ann has felt drawn away from retailing and the business world, to concentrate on her arts practice, photography, teaching, writing, healing and offering guidance to those who seek her out.

Her motto now is simply:

Love All, Serve All - Help Ever, Hurt Never.

(from Sathya Sai Baba)

Ann's ability to share her gifts (teachings) and her commitment to all people, has led Ann now to devote her life to sharing her "medicine" as she calls its. Ann regularly runs workshops in Australia and overseas for the Inner Wisdom Centre for Spiritual Development on Reiki, Seichim , Hands-On Healing, Spiritual Healing, Crystal Therapy, Colour Therapy, Native American Wisdom, Australian Animal Medicine Totems and Wisdom of the Australian Animals, as well as being a Ordained Spiritual Minister & Madonna Minister & Priest, she is a JP (Qual) and a retired authorised non-aligned religious [All Faiths] marriage celebrant who conducted Spiritual Weddings (retired in June 2019), Commitment Ceremonies, Naming Ceremonies and Renewal of Vows for any who seek them.

Ann's conviction that there are like-minded people who have a need to come together on a regular basis for fellowship and healing, prompted her to establish Eagle Lodge Spiritual Centre in Mackay, North Queensland in 1994 and now there are over a dozen Eagle Lodge Spiritual groups around Australia continuing her vision. Ann relocated the head quarters of Eagle Lodge Spiritual Centre to Tasmania in May 2019.

Ann and Greg shine like welcoming lights on a dark night, they give freely of their time working tirelessly to enhance the lives of others, through the sharing of their teachings, and they offer you this deep unconditional love for others, which you will experience in their workshops or anytime you meet them.
Ann and Greg, are available for workshops in Australia and overseas and are willing to travel to you. Ask yourself what one step you could take now that would contribute the most to your spiritual path. Then take it, and reach out.!

Learn to Trust, Play and Sing with the Universe and Spirit

Ann is also the coordinator of the Australian Branch of the Creative Health Network (CHN)

Creative Health Network- Australian Branch

Ann Williams-Fitzgerald & Greg Fitzgerald

14 Mary Street, George Town, Tasmania, 7253 Australia



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THE PUBLISHED WORKS of Ann Williams-Fitzgerald

Words of Guidance by Son of White Cloud & the Wise Ones - 1997
Wisdom of the Australian Animals Book & Medicine Card Set - 1997, 2009 [e-book pdf format]
Auz Astrology - The Australian Animal Zodiac - 1999
Butterfly Kisses Inspirational Cards - 1999
Inner Wisdom Guidance Cards - 1999
Inner Magic Cards - 1999
Australian Animal Tarot Deck - 2000

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