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Words of Guidance

Words of Guidance by Son of White Cloud & the Wise Ones

Words of Guidance by Son of White Cloud & the Wise Ones

By Ann Williams-Fitzgerald © 1997

Warning! - This book may be advantageous to your health!

This book has been designed to trigger spontaneous healings. The ORANGE cover will initiate healings to commence. The painting on the front cover is titled ‘Healing’ and brings with it, it’s own healing properties.

When you open this book, the spiritual arrows will fly out and pierce your soul with their healings. Allow this to happen daily.

Profound wisdom is to be found by allowing yourself to surrender to these arrows.

This book has been designed to carry in your pocket or handbag (pocketbook), so you can open it daily, as you need. Please be aware that you will feel the movement of healing taking place within your body. These healings may occur on one, or all of your four levels (bodies):

Emotional body, Spiritual body, Mental body or Physical body

Allow the healings to take place! Feel the healings take place! Sense the healings take place! Welcome the healings!

Unconditional Love will wash over you.

To receive these healings, allow yourself to be centered and still your mind, concentrate on the issue or issues you need guidance with. Once you are still and centered, open the book randomly to receive your ‘Words of Guidance’ and healing for the day.

This is a book of spiritual arrows. Turn the pages slowly. Let each arrow fly straight to your heart. Do not avoid its gentle puncture mark. Let it pierce your veil of everyday existence. For then you will discover, through quiet contemplation of each softly spoken guidance, the great richness which is you! And in the discovery will you learn to live life whole again!

In Memory

Doyle Deane Bymers, Jr

19/1/1953 - 11/3/1995
Washington, USA


Gregory Anthony Combes

14/11/1956 - 6/10/95
Victoria, Australia

I rejoice for the soul's of my brothers who have returned to Great Spirit.
For this is a journey that we all must take.
I will miss you both, but I set you free, knowing your light will shine
and touch us all.
There is no death, only a change of worlds.

Da Na Ho


“Behind these wonderful words by ‘Son of White Cloud and the Wise Ones’ goes a story that once contained a lot of pain.

On April 8th 1994 I found out that I had a younger brother named Greg, who I didn’t know existed.
Thankfully he know that I existed out there somewhere, and searched me out. Needless to say this was a huge shock to me at the time. After wiping away the tears, I rejoiced and made plans to fly down to Melbourne to meet him and his family. Again the tears flowed freely upon our meeting. Tears of joy, tears of pain but mainly tears of “Why??” “So many wasted years”

During the two months it took me to begin to heal emotionally, I began to channelling the beautiful words that are contained within this book.

In July 1994 both my brother and myself found that we had produced cancer in our bodies. In my case, in my left breast and my brother produced his, in his bowel. I knew instantly that my cancer was a result of the rejection and lack of nurturing from my mother and proceeded to begin my own journey into healing once again, I had been down this path before. Within six weeks my cancer was gone.

My brother on the other hand, choose to hang onto his cancer and was allowing the old ‘shit’ to eat him away. Again a direct result of rejection. One of the hardest things for me as a ‘healing channel’ was to stand by and accept that he did not want to be helped in any way. All I could do, was be there for his family, as he pushed all who loved him away in his anger and emotional pain.
Also on the other side of the globe, in Seattle, my oldest, closest and dearest friend was fighting his own battle with AIDS.

On 11th March 1995, I lost my beloved friend and ‘brother’ to AIDS and within 5 months on 6th October 1995, I also lost my blood [birth] brother to cancer. Again the tears have fallen, again the questions of “Why??” the hardest of them all, was, that there are no answers forth coming.

I only had my brother Greg in my life for a very short time, but because of that time I have emerged stronger and more determined to help any, who truly wish to seek.

Eagle Lodge Spiritual Centre has emerged from the ashes of my brothers, they will continue on through the teachings of this Spiritual Centre and thorough these words from “Son of White Cloud and the Wise Ones”.

Feel the ‘healing’ that will come from these words and let them pierce your heart.”

So be it and it is so.

Ann Williams-Fitzgerald

by Susan Thomas Underwood

This is a very important ‘memorial’ painting completed in 1992. “It is one I have chosen to hang in my home and I have never offered it for sale. It is the first ‘up-beat’ painting after many months of grieving and I met my new husband. For the first time, I saw the light at the end of the tunnel. It documented my, sort of ‘turn around’, after the death of my first husband, to the beginning of a new life.”

“I feel this painting culminates the work of Ann Williams-Fitzgerald and I have released this painting to Ann, for her private collection and for use in this book.”

Susan Thomas Underwood


Underwood Studio is owned by Susan Thomas Underwood. She is a member of the United Lumbee Tribe with ancestry from her father’s Loyal Shawnee blood. He was orphaned at 6 years of age, but went on to assemble a ranch in N.E. Oklahoma where Susan grew up close to nature.
She married Joe Thomas, her high school sweetheart who worked for the ranch. They eventually returned from college to help with and, later assume operation of the ranch. During these years, Susan taught art in public school and produced wildlife art. After 22 years of marriage and raising 2 children, Joe died of kidney cancer in 1991 at age 42.

When Susan lost Joe, her world and art changed. Suddenly the emotions she felt could not be communicated through wildlife. Her art suddenly depicted American Indians. One year and 15 paintings after Joe’s death, she curated the grief paintings into his memorial show which toured 4 cities in the US.

Now, Susan devotes full time to Underwood Studio which shares her Native American heart-felt philosophy with the world. She travels the show circuit in the US and offers her works through galleries and shops throughout the Southwest USA. Her works in Australia are available through Ann Williams-Fitzgerald.
She is remarried to Donald Underwood, after whom her studio is named.

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