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Healing Prayer

Sending Spiritual Healing Energy and Prayer

Read the Prayer below, Then send your Loving Light and Healing thoughts to them by thinking of them now.

If you have your own personal way of sending Healing Energy by all means please use what is most acceptable to you.


" I know, O LORD of LOVE and LIGHT,
about the need. Touch my heart anew
with your DIVINE LOVE and LIGHT that
I too may receive and give, sending
your healing touch to others in need.

I invoke your DIVINE LOVE and LIGHT
towards Excellent Health,
Loving Relationships,
Right Livelihood and
Right Alignment
with my and soul's purpose.

I wish to align myself with
my own

I now open myself to receive your gifts
and with your DIVINE GUIDANCE I will
give to others and give thanks for the


"A Healing Thought Gifted from Friend to Friend"

We honour the connection to the larger web of which we are a part, to the tremendous capacity that exists for healing and to Spirit, whose joy it is to assist us in lifting any burdens from our physical, mental, and spirit form.

Let us now set our intention for healing for the highest order and the release of any limiting conditions.

" I sought my soul
But my soul I could not see
I sought my God
But my God eluded me
I sought my brother
and I found all three"


"When a soul is born into our world
the angels cry because they have lost a friend.

in our world, we rejoice, when a soul is born
But, when a person dies in our world, and their soul returns to God - we weep.

In heaven, the angels sing when the soul returns to them
So rejoice for the soul that returns."


An awakening to dawn mist on the water, flowing Spirit's streams to God's altar, purifying essence whistles through the trees, images of the sacred blowing in the breeze.

Flights of fancy from birds up high, feathers of many colors filtering through the sky, sun, moon and stars envelops Earth's dome, we're all birds of a feather, finding our way home.

Spectacle of mesmerizing movements flashing in the mind, melting pots of humans, secrets hard to find, love all embracing whispers on the wind, no physical presence, ecstasy from a light dimmed.

Gifts of joy enmeshed in music and dance, visualizing images filtering in a trance, warriors in a drumbeat at journeys end, back to the womb of creation enmeshed in a substance blend.

Wondrous dreams in the stillness of the dark, journey on uplifting voyages in paradise park, thunder and lightening points the way, a prelude to the land where Soul's play.

Poem submitted by Michael Levy
Author Poet Philosopher


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