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Crystal Workshops

Crystals & Their Healing Powers

'Crystals and Their Healing Powers'

30 Hours Certificate Course & Correspondence Courses available.

If you have marvelled at the beauty in the shapes, colours and forms held in the vast spectrum of Crystal Gems and Ores, discovering within the clearer ones, phantom shapes and energy locked within, or simply wondered at these lovely manifestations of the Creator's love, that in itself would be healing. For love and Beauty are nature's way of reminding us who we are in relation to the Universe. Find out about both the physical and metaphysical properties of Crystals and Their Healing Powers.

Crystals are very old - very often millions of years, and the traditions associated with them are many and ancient. The tremendous growth in popularity of crystals in recent years simply reflects the necessary resurgence of the ancient way of knowing. There is still some lingering scepticism amongst people who have not experienced crystals, but that's usually because they have not been properly introduced to the possibilities of crystal power. Many scientists and psychologists today believe there is an energy interchange between certain portions of the brain and the crystal

This certificate course is designed as six individual day workshops, which are complete within each one. There is no need to continue any further than the level you wish to complete. Certificates are issued for each level. At the completion of all six levels, you can then sit for the Crystal Therapist Examination and on passing, you will hold the status of Crystal Therapist.

In Level One (1), two (2) and three (3) we will be discussing over 150 natural crystals and healing stones. You will be taught how to cleanse, program, activate and awaken your Crystals. You will learn about crystal traditions and how & why crystal work.

LEVEL ONE - $95.00 + $2.50 P&H

In level One will discuss 25 different crystals as well as about the meaning of shapes, cuts, colours and the different properties of the 25 stones we will discuss.

LEVEL TWO - $95.00 + $2.50 P&H

In level Two we will continue our journey into crystals and find out some more advance techniques to add to our cleansing and programming skills we learnt in level One and we will learn about another 44 crystals and healing stones as well as the zodiac stones, birthday stones and the chakra stones as well as touch on the organics.

LEVEL THREE - $95.00 + $2.50 P&H

In Level Three we will fully explores the organics and learn about another 79 different stones - bringing our total of 150 different crystals covered by levels One, Two and Three as well as all the basics required to work with these 150 stones.

LEVEL FOUR - $95.00 + $2.50 P&H

In Level Four (4) we will discuss Master Crystals and how to use and access them and use them for healings, meditation and more metaphysical work. We will learn about links, channellers, phantoms, gardens, rainbows, Time links, Doors, windows, and much more to do with these Master crystals and special crystals.

LEVEL FIVE - $95.00 + $2.50 P&H

In Level Five (5) we will learn how to do full body layouts for healing and the use of Gem Essences and how to work with the etheric field and the auric field and the importance of using your Three I's of Integrity, Intention and Intuition. Level five takes us further into the advanced world of crystals and metaphysics. We will find out about earthstones, oceanstones and organics.

LEVEL SIX - $95.00 + $2.50 P&H

In Level Six (6) we will enter the world of Crystal Scrying (Gazing) with Crystal Balls and we will connect with the Crystal Spirits and we will journey into the world of the Crystal. This workshop offers more advanced meditations and journeys into the crystals and how to access knowledge stored in the record keepers and Shamanic Dow Crystals. You will be taught the basics of scrying and learn how Nostradamas used his water method for scrying and how you can use crystals to do this. You will be taken to meet with your crystal deva and we will journey into the world of Crystals Devas.

Each of these levels is complete within themselves. There is no need to continue any further than the level you wish to.
Certificates will be issued after successful completion of each level.


Certificate Course

On completion of all Six Levels of Crystals & Their Healing Powers Certificate Courses and a successful pass in the Crystal Therapist Examination, you will receive your Crystal Therapist Certificate

$595.00 6 levels & Exam [pay as you go]
plus $16.00 postage for six levels and exam

TOTAL COURSE = $550.00 [pre-paid in advance]



We will be adding different crystal from time to time on this page - call again to view new information.


© 1996 Ann Williams-Fitzgerald PhD
Crystal Therapist

Lodelite (Lodolite - Latin) is found at one site only in MINAS GERAIS in the Minas State in Brazil. Lodolite (Greek) means mud stone or stone from the mud. Lodelite is in fact a quartz crystal with mineral inclusions - has the appearance of an underwater coral scene. The mineral inclusions vary from stone to stone and the colours of the inclusions can range from green, pink, yellow, brown, white, red and multi-colours.

TAROT CARD: The High Priestess

Enables you to make contact with the crystal Deva's and guides contained within the crystal. It makes communication on the spiritual plane more accessible, bringing about a transmutation of your higher spiritual energies.

Increases your ESP abilities and gives you the 'key to your inner knowledge' from past life times. You should feel honoured if Lodelite has found it's way to you - this is quite a rare healing stone. Brings about major shifts for healing to take place. An extremely important stone for the new millennium, to take us into the 21st Century and beyond. Lodelite is 'The Healers Stone'. I consider it a must for any healer - it is loving and has an angelic energy as well as imparting a sense of strength through gentleness and tenderness. Allows the recognition of the true self while increasing the telepathic receptivity to be strengthened.

Lodelite makes communication on the spiritual planes more accessible, bringing about a transmutation of your higher spiritual energies. Gives you the ‘key to your inner knowledge’ from past life times.

[©1998 Specimens scanned by Ann Williams-Fitzgerald]
[Specimens from the Williams-Fitzgerald Collection]


© 1999 Ann Williams-Fitzgerald PhD
Crystal Therapist

Ruby Red Aura quartz are clear/cloudy quartz that have been coated with pure Palladium, the molecules of the Palladium adhere to the natural electric charge of the quartz and are not removed by rubbing or scrapping.

[© 2002 Photo by Ann Williams-Fitzgerald]
[Specimen from the Williams-Fitzgerald Collection]

These crystals also produce a very intense energy that links the base, heart and crown chakras (1, 4 &7) and surround your aura. This crystal allows you to receive your 'soul messages' and give you a true understanding of why you are here and your true purpose. A true stone for the new millennium.

Chakra: Base, Heart & Crown

[© 2002 Photo by Ann Williams-Fitzgerald]
[Specimen from the Williams-Fitzgerald Collection]

Green Tourmalinated Quartz

© 1996 Ann Williams-Fitzgerald PhD
Crystal Therapist

Green Tourmalinated Quartz - Heart chakra

[©1999 Photo by Ann Williams-Fitzgerald]
[pendant from the Williams-Fitzgerald Collection]

Cuts through emotional pain and confusion. Bring in the energy of unconditional love and acceptance. Balances emotional highs and lows to bring about balance. Use green tourmalinated quartz in body layouts as it will help the flow of energy through the chakra system and activated the heart chakra. This is a true wisdom stone. Very rarely found. A few rare green tourmalinated quartz spheres have been cut. Expect to pay a high premium for this rare combination in sphere form. You will find a few rare generators, pendants and raw pieces available also.

[©2002 Photo by Ann Williams-Fitzgerald]
[Ball Specimen from the Williams-Fitzgerald Collection]

Ball the size of a large orange



A form of clear quartz that has inclusions of black or green (very rare) tourmaline crystals.

CHAKRA: All, especially the crown and heart.
Enhances and balances the male and female energies (Yin & Yang), overall balance, self-confidence and helps to ground. Aids the treatment of negative emotions, nervousness, lymphatic and digestive systems and the endocrine system.

TOURMALINE QUARTZ is a favourite protection stone of Shamans. The incredible power of polarities. The healing power of improved harmony. Accessing past lives and soul retrieval. An outstanding stone for toxin release.

FOSSIL CORAL [Fossilized Coral]

© 1996 Ann Williams-Fitzgerald PhD
Crystal Therapist

An organic gem material – fossilized and calcified skeletons of coral polyps tiny primitive organisms that attach themselves to previous coral growth and secrete a substance which is similar to calcite through their bases.

[©2002 Photo by Ann Williams-Fitzgerald]
[Ball Specimen from the Williams-Fitzgerald Collection]

Fossil Coral is a strong emotional stone that brings stability, fluidity, and balance to the emotions along with memories of the past and are therefore excellent for bringing forward past memories, from this life or past lives. Bundles of emotional energy that has fossilized.

Using fossilized coral for crystal healing or meditation will enhance one's ability for past life recall and will assist in understanding these past influences and brings in a more positive approach in one's emotional outlook and expression. Fossil Coral assists one to move from the old to the new and are excellent tools for transformation, transition and spiritual development.

Chakra: according to colour of stone - White, Pink, Yellow, Brown

White Fossil Coral: Throat Chakra
Strengthens self-esteem and assists with clearing judgement, frustration and resentment at being told what to do. Encourages you to affirm yourself and recognise the self within. Enhances intuition and calms the emotions. Aligns the chakras and connects us to our etheric body.

[©2002 Photo by Ann Williams-Fitzgerald]
[pendant from the Williams-Fitzgerald Collection, gifted from Kon Tiki Trading]

Pink Fossil Coral: Heart Chakra
Assists in the search for the ‘inner child’ and the need to bring key issues from the unconscious to a conscious state of awareness. Helps resolve conflict and clear the paralysis experienced due to the fear of making a move.

[©2002 Photo by Ann Williams-Fitzgerald]
[Ball Specimen from the Williams-Fitzgerald Collection]


Click on the website below to find out more about this remarkable crystal generator

'The Key of Wisdom'

[©1998 Photos by Ann Williams-Fitzgerald]
[Generator Specimen from the Julio Mottola Collection]


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