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Achieving Inner Wisdom

~Achieving Inner Wisdom~

Within us all is the divine capacity to manifest and create all that we need and desire in our daily lives. Deep inside is a 'Inner Wisdom' or a' 'Inner Knowing' that can help each and every one of us to live a powerful and joyous life. However most of us have been taught or have developed belief patterns that prevent us from reaching these abilities - this 'Inner Wisdom - I call it ' 'The Way'.

So what is this elusive 'Inner knowing'? Our ' 'Inner Wisdom' is often referred to as our Higher Consciousness. It is a higher aspect of our personality selves and is the link between our physical being and our soul being. It is the Higher Self that knows what we have been, who we are now and where we are going. It is the part of us that can provide all our answers and the total knowledge of the universal mind. Our Higher Self is that part of us that loves unconditionally and is always there for healing, growth and inner guidance.

The Higher Self is our Guardian Angel during our lifetimes whether we are aware of it or not. The more conscious we become of this connection the easier we find that inner guidance and inner wisdom flows into every part of our daily lives.

Once we have learnt how to work with this Inner Wisdom, we can begin to tap into and use all the inner Wisdom and consciousness that exists in the Cosmic Universe and the Universal Mind.

We are spiritual beings having a human experience in these our physical bodies and our presence on Mother Earth allows our spiritual selves to learn through this physical experience. As spiritual beings that we are connected to all via our Higher Consciousness, to all life and all consciousness within the universe. Increasing our awareness of this spiritual aspect of ourselves not only guides us in our journey through life it also speeds up the growth of our spiritual self.

Every step we take on our path of growth, is a move towards knowing the all-encompassing unconditional love of 'The Creator and therefore each steps brings us more unconditional love, abundance, harmony, peace and joy into our lives daily.

An essential part of reaching into our Inner Wisdom is the ability to calm the conscious mind, to quieten the incessant background chatter that drowns out so much of what we need to know.

Accessing this inner ability is a warm, safe, loving exercise. All life is consciousness and consciousness is energy the underlying essence of which is unconditional love. As we learn to reach into the higher vibrations of ourselves, as we get more in-tune with the deeper parts of life, we also open ourselves to powerful unconditional love from all sources in the Universe.

'Achieving Inner Wisdom' is designed to empower people at all levels, from those who wish to commence or speed their own personal and spiritual growth to those aspiring to become Professional Spiritual Counsellors.

'Achieving Inner Wisdom' speeds personal and spiritual growth by showing that all aspects of our being and life experiences are interconnected.

We gain a true understanding of the material world by using our Inner Wisdom to move towards a state of Supra Consciousness. This state is known by many names including Higher Telepathy, Channelling, Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, Intuition, Empathic Knowing. Each and every one of us has the ability to tap into this universal energy and inner knowledge - you only need to follow a highly effective process to release it for everyday use - to call on it when you need it, any time, anywhere.


'Achieving Inner Wisdom' is based on years of research into 'Metaphysics, Spiritual Healing, Counselling and working with Intuition. It has been found that intuitively gifted people unconsciously use these abilities and that these abilities are common to each and every one of us - not just the gifted few. It is just a matter of using the simple processes to learn your own intuitive language - 'The language of Spirit.

'Achieving Inner Wisdom' shows your how to use universal energies and how to tap into your higher intuition and inner wisdom.


Dr Ann Williams-Fitzgerald PhD, has an extensive background in Metaphysics, healing and business that spans over 27 years. During that time Ann has developed cancer three times, this required her to review all parts of her life and take an active role in her own healing. It was during the course of one her illnesses that her inner healing abilities were reawakened and her intuitive, psychic skills developed further and become fuller and more intense from when she first become aware of her psychic abilities at the age of nine years.

This new found intensity of her abilities not only healed her physical and emotional bodies but also led to her success in the healing and teaching fields. In recent times they have provided the insights and knowledge that make her a powerful intuitive teacher and healer. Ann is an excellent example of a survivor of childhood abuse, physical, emotional and sexual (incest). Ann now spends her life teaching others, how they too, can become survivors instead of victims of their circumstances.


~It takes the courage of one, to light the way for thousands~

Ann Williams-Fitzgerald has been called a 'Bringer of light'.

The 'Inner Wisdom' Centre specialises in the development and teaching of transformational, personal and spiritual growth workshops for business, the healing professions and members of the general public who are drawn to this work.

The 'Inner Wisdom' Centre offers workshops, seminars, training as well as correspondence courses for those in isolated areas.


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