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V.S.I has been researching ghosts and hauntings for many years now. We have been on well over 1,000 investigations throughout the United States. Now, thanks to the Internet, VSI would like to branch out and set up Ghost Investigation Teams all over the World. Investigations will be scheduled on the VSI Forum. Just click the “calendar” icon at the top of the page for investigation dates. New investigations will be updated the “first” of every month, and all are welcome to attend.

Van Alst Spirit Investigations “Haunted Locations” Page

VSI has been to some of the most haunted sites in America, some of which include:

Alcatraz Prison in the San Francisco Bay / Winchester Mystery House in San Jose California / Tombstone, Arizona / Gadsden Hotel in Douglas, Arizona / Melvin Mills Mansion in Springer, New Mexico / Kimo Theater in Albuquerque / Dawson Cemetery in Northeastern New Mexico / Manresa Castle in Port Townsend, Washington / Mine Shaft Tavern in Madrid /

And many more!

If you would like V.S.I. to conduct a Spirit Investigation, you can notify V.S.I.’s Founder at

Investigations are free of Charge.

Here are some of our “local” investigations:


The The St. James Hotel in Cimarron, New Mexico

The Bird Cage Theatre in tombstone, Arizona

Mt. Calvary Cemetery in Albuquerque, New Mexico

Private Residence

Dawson Cemetery, Dawson, New Mexico

Graceland Plaza Appartment Building, Albuquerque, New mexico