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Frequently Asked Questions


· What is a ghost?

The spirit of one who has died, but for numerous reasons, has refused to leave the physical.


· Why are ghosts scary?

Ghosts aren't scary. Through fear and misunderstanding, most of mankind only sees "ghosts and hauntings" as scary.


· How do I know if my house is haunted?

The feeling that someone, or something is watching over your home and it's surroundings could play an important part. Your own spirit can detect this. A deceased relative, or someone close will let you know. If you don't know the spirit's identity, investigate your home, as well as the neighborhood's past. You may get some answers there.


· What do I do, if my house is haunted?

If the spirit isn't a problem, don't worry about it. Most ghosts are harmless. Some ghosts can be mischievous. Simply acknowledge the spirit, by requesting, they stop their antics. If unwanted activity remains, email us. Our website is:


· What are the most important rules of ghost hunting?

Van Alst Spirit Investigations always encourages the "P.R.S." clause. This includes physical and spiritual.

Permission: Physical: Always gain permission to access properties and follow all rules of the establishments. Spiritually: Ask the spirit's permission. If you feel a ghost, asking permission shows two things. Acknowledgement and Respect for the spirit.

Respect: Always respect your surroundings. Never do anything to disrespect the property or spirit.

Safety: This is a given. After all, you are seeking ghosts, you don't want to become one. Always have the adequate supplies, and never go alone. Use your common sense.


· Why can't we see ghosts?

There are two phases to seeing. The "physical" and the "spiritual". Physically, we see with our eyes. Spiritually, we see with our "inner self".


· How can I find out more about ghosts?

Check out V.S.I.'s web site.

If you have any questions at all, you can email us directly through our "Help" page. All questions go to the founder's email directly, and will be answered within 24 hours. Also, the founder's book, "Ghosts in Reality: the Unexplained truth about Hauntings in our World today", will be out soon. We'll let you know when the book is released. There are a lot of answers in the book.


· Where can I find information on the V.S.I. investigation team?

Go to our website at:

 Select our "Meet the Team" page.


· Can ghosts harm us?

In most cases, ghosts are harmless. Remember this simple fact: Ghosts are spirits of people. Always investigate with caution.


· What are the advantages of registering on the V.S.I. website?

With the V.S.I. team, you are amongst true believers of the Spirit, ghosts, and the haunted world we live in. We are here to help and educate all those who ask.

All questions get personal attention by the V.S.I. team.


· Where can I find ghosts?

Ghosts are everywhere. The population of spirits is far more than that of the physical. Here are some places you can go:

Cemeteries/Theaters/Battlefields/historical sites/old hotels/schools.

Always Remember: Permission / Respect / Safety


· If a dwelling is "haunted", what does that mean?

A spirit is in attendance inside the house.


· What is a haunting?

A true haunting is a spirit in an "unrested" state. This could be caused by a number of reasons. Each spirit is individual, and will try to connect to the physical.


· What is an Orb?

Orbs are spirit phenomena in the shape of a floating ball, not visible to the human eye. V.S.I.'s theory is that "orbs" are one of the forms a ghost takes during spirit travel.


· What's the difference between a "poltergeist" and a "ghost"?

A "ghost" is simply a spirit, were "poltergeist" is a form of ghost activity. These ghosts throw objects, slam doors, turn on and off appliances, even human contact has been recorded. The name "poltern", which in German means, "to knock", and "geist", meaning, "spirit".


· Where can I get information on V.S.I. investigations?

Van Alst Spirit Investigations official website.

The Address?

Go to our "Investigations" page.


· What does the Holy Bible say about ghosts?

There are several verses in the Bible that refer to the subject of "life after death". Randell Van Alst's book, "Ghosts in Reality: the Unexplained truth about hauntings in our world today", soon to be released, has a Chapter devoted to this subject. His second book, "SpiritWorld" also covers the subject.


· If a house is haunted, does that mean there are a lot of ghosts?

No. That's a common misinterpretation. A haunting isn't measured by its ghostly inhabitants, but by its spirit activity.


· What are some of the most haunted places in America?

Van Alst Spirit Investigations website has a web page devoted to this subject, also, you can discuss your own haunted experiences, get advice, see ghost photos, talk to other people, and get ghost hunting tips, as well as other types of ghost talk. Just go to:

Go to the "50 Most Haunted Places" web page. Also, check out the "Forum" page.

If you have other questions, go to the "Help" or "Forum" pages on the V.S.I. website.


· How much do you charge for your investigations?

All investigations and advice are free of charge. We know, not many people understand the way of the spirit. We ask everyone to do their part in all aspects in investigations.


· How far will you travel to investigate?

No distance is too far. If someone needs help, we will make every effort to assist those in need. Usually, if traveling expenses are involved, we ask those who ask for help, to "help" us. Our time, equipment, and advice are always free.


· How long does an investigation take?

Time is always a factor in the flesh. Spirit time on the other hand, is universal. At least an overnight observation, which is a fraction of a second to a ghost.


· What's the difference between ghosts and spirits?

Ghosts are spirits. There's a common misunderstanding about ghosts and spirits. A ghost, or spirit is believed to be "a spirit of a human, or flesh". Instead, a human is that of the spirit, (a temporary part), in which embodies the soul.


· How does a medium or psychic talk to ghosts?

The word "medium" or "psychic", created by man, is one who can communicate to ghosts. It's referred as a "gift". To see the spirit, and communicate with a ghost, is done on a "spirit" level. All have the gift, but few use it.


· What is the difference between your soul and your spirit?

Your soul is the foundation of creation of the human spiritual anatomy. The spirit is the inner essence of an individual, encasing the soul.


· Are you a ghostbuster?

Unfortunately, we get asked this question all the time. People relate our interests with ghosts with the movie, "Ghostbusters".

We like to be referred to as, "Spirit Investigators".


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