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50 Most haunted sites in America


Hauntings have been reported in almost every town, village, and city in America. This list shows a brief history on the Top 50 most haunted sites, as listed in "Ghosts in Reality: the Unexplained truth about hauntings in our World today", by the V.S.I.'s founder, Randell Van Alst:

La Laurie house: New Orleans, Louisiana

The slaves that were tortured in the early 1800's by Madame La Laurie haunt this mansion. Up to 24 ghosts could reside here, including the Madame herself. It's not known how many people died at the residence, but, immense misery and human suffering is felt in spirit, resulting in a haunting that cries out to the physical. The attic, where the torturing of slaves took place, is the "hot spot" of the residence. The stairway also, as well as the original kitchen are very active. Today, the mansion is an apartment building, but the change hasn't stopped the haunting.

Alcatraz prison: San Francisco Bay, California

In 1933, this prison guarded the most violent of criminals across America. Several deaths took place here, as well as immense human suffering. It's rumored that over 100 ghosts could be haunting the island. Former inmates, prison guard, as well as Indians remain here as ghosts. Alcatraz earned the name, "the rock", because of its living conditions, and the no-escape reputation the prison held. Cellblocks are active, especially A, B, and C.

The Queen Mary: Long Beach, California

Commissioned in 1936, this passenger liner made over a 1,000 Atlantic crossings until the ship was dry-docked in 1967, at Pier J. it was then, converted into a hotel. During its 30 years of service, the ship has seen its share of death. It's estimated that almost 50 people have lost their lives on the vessel. Its worst disaster happened in World War Two, while transporting troops, the ocean liner collided with the Curacoa, a British light cruiser. The accident severed the Curacoa in two, spilling its crew into the water. Being under strike orders, the Queen Mary could not stop to rescue the Curacoa's survivors. 338 men perished as a result. Frantic knocking can be heard near the Boson's locker where the incident occurred.

The White House: Washington D.C.

It's rumored that at least 20 ghosts haunt the home of our President. Witnesses include Senators, patrons, and even a Queen, who saw the ghost of our 16th president, Abe Lincoln, a century after his death. The grounds, as well as the mansion, that so many ghosts haunt the site, that the most expedient way to mention them all, is to discuss each, by area. Although the site is technically owned by "the people", it is still considered the private home of the President, leaving the most haunted rooms, off limits to the public. It's said, that Lincoln's bedroom is the most haunted room.

The Winchester House: San Jose, California

Sarah Winchester, the wife of Oliver Winchester, was the founder of the Winchester firearms company. It seems, that Oliver was tormented in death by the ghost's slained by his creation. In order to appease these spirits, Oliver begged his wife to build a mansion for the ghosts. Driven by the message, Sarah relocated to San Jose, California, where she purchased a 40-acre farm site. For the next 38 years, construction continued, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This resulted into a gigantic mansion, resulting in over 700 rooms, 950 doors, 40 staircases, 10,000 windows and 47 fireplaces. Innumerable spirits haunt the site, including Sarah Winchester herself, who died in 1922.

Gadsden hotel: Douglas, Arizona

 Built in 1907, this 5 story, 150-room hotel was destroyed by fire, and rebuilt in 1929. The ghostly happenings started as the hotel was being restored in 1988. Several paranormal accounts have been witnessed.

Old Salem: Salem, Massachusetts

This was the location of the Salem witch trials in 1692. The trails began when 2 girls presented strange behavior, in which seizures and ranting foul language were misinterpreted as, possessed witches. In less than a year, the court punished 20 women, suspected of practicing witchcraft, by hanging. All but one was executed on gallows hill. The other died in prison. It's now, a popular tourist attraction.

Jerome Community Center: Jerome, Arizona

Established in 1876, miners pulled 1,000,000,000 dollars worth of gold, copper and silver. Nicknamed, "spook hall" by the locals, this building, as well as the town, has so many ghosts, that a newspaper called the "ghost post" was published for a short time. Ghosts of miners, townspeople, and prostitutes are said to haunt the town's streets.

Old City Cemetery: Sacramento, California

36,000 people are buried in this historic graveyard. Many of its spirits haunt the site. The ghosts of a railroad engineer, and a 12-year-old girl, are said to be among s the many ghosts here.

Snowball Mansion: Sacramento, California

This 2-story brick mansion, built in 1877, is said to be haunted by its original owner and his wife. The mansion was kept in the Snowball family until 1944. Since the time of changed ownership, ghosts have been blamed for a number of unexplained happenings.

Highway 666: New Mexico/Utah/Colorado

Many consider this highway the most haunted stretch of asphalt in the world. Responsible for a record number of fatal accidents each year, this 200 mile highway in known by many as "Highway To Hell", or "Satan's Speedway" and the "Devil's Drag strip". The New Mexico part of this road is the most dangerous in the state, if not the country. Furthermore, a high number of corpses are found alongside the highway. From unidentified murder victims to a phantom motorist, to demon-like spirits and ghostly apparitions state that the intense phenomena is evil. This area should be approached with extreme spiritual care.

Dawson Cemetery And Dawson Mines: Dawson, New Mexico

You will never forget it. Its abundance of coal made the town's future of over 9,000 people extremely promising. The town was growing until October 22, 1913. An incorrectly set dynamite charge resulted in a massive explosion and sent a stretch of fire over 100 feet out of the tunnel's entrance. Only a few miners escaped, leaving 263 dead. This was one of the worst mining disasters in U.S. history. The town tried to rebuild. Almost ten years later, on February 8, 1923, a mine train jumped its track, hitting the supporting timbers of the tunnel. Mouth, and ignited the coal dust causing an explosion. Though not the same shaft, the effect was horrifyingly similar. Many women who lost husbands in the earlier disaster waited anxiously for their sons to appear out of the smoke. 123 more men perished, bringing the total dead to 385 in two moments of shear horror. A special section in the cemetery marked with iron crosses represented the loss of life. The Dawson town site is now a ranch.

Haw Branch Plantation: Amelia, Virginia

This mansion, built in 1745, stood on 15,000 acres and was one of the biggest plantations of the south. Shortly after the civil war, the estate was reduced, and fell into disrepair. The mansion was restored around 1969 and remains one of the most haunted places in America. Many odd things have occurred here, from an apparition of a girl in a white dress, thumping noises and eerie footsteps, to multiple sightings of apparitions of two men, walking out of the barn.

San Miguel Mission: San Miguel, California

 Purchased from the Mexican government by John Reed, the adobe compound was turned into an inn. In 1848, a gang of English pirates raided the inn due to a rumor that a treasure was buried on the property. When the raid was complete, 13 people were killed including reed, his family, and other guests staying at the inn. The treasure was never found, their ghosts are said to haunt the property.

Empire State Building: New York City, New York

This skyscraper was the scene of many suicides and the ghosts of those who leaped to their deaths are said to haunt the observation deck. The deck is on the 102nd floor, 1,250 feet high.	

Masonic Cemetery: Central City, Colorado

The lady in a black dress is said to haunt this cemetery twice a year, (April 5th and November 1st), at the gravesite of John Edward Cameron. People met on at this grave on November 1st, to catch a glimpse of this ghost. At sundown the phantom appeared, and was witnessed by a dozen people. This lady ghost still remains unknown. Perhaps a jealous lover?


The Molly Brown House: Denver, Colorado

 A survivor of the famous titanic disaster in 1912, she became known as "The Unsinkable Molly Brown". The house has been turned into a museum in honor of her accomplishments. Her ghost, along with her husband, haunts the site.	

Little Bighorn Battlefield National Monument:

Custer Battlefield National Park, Montana

 On June 25, 1876, General George Custer led 600 soldiers of the 7th Calvary regiment to confront Crazy Horse and Sitting Bull, joined with the Sioux nation to defend their people. Known as Custer's Last Stand, 265 U.S. soldiers, including Custer himself, were butchered. The spirits of these fallen warriors, still linger on this historic site. Apparitions have been seen in uniform, especially on the anniversary of the battle, making this area one of the most haunted in the U.S.A.

Phelps Mansion: Stratford, Connecticut

Eliakim Phelps was a firm believer in spiritualism. He experimented by holding séances, and other practices of contacting the dead. On March 1st, 1850, he opened a paranormal pothole in which he could not control. Several ghosts, including a spirit named Goody Bassett, a woman hanged as a witch in 1661, approached the entire family. The activity was centered around his children. When they left the mansion for boarding school, the activity stopped.


U.S. Capital Building: Washington D.C.

 The ghost of John Q. Adams is known to haunt our capital since his death in 1848. Presidents, Congressmen, and former Speakers of the House are heard debating government business throughout the walls of this working historic monument. The Supreme Court, senate, as well as statuary hall are all said to be haunted.

Carriage House Apartments: Jacksonville, Florida

Centered around apartment #40, the ghosts have become such a nuisance that the apartment is now a storage room. A former manager and an elderly couple who lived in #40 for 25 years continue to haunt the apartment building. A presence is also evident in the courtyard area.	

Huguenot Cemetery: St. Augustine, Florida

This is clearly one of the oldest cemeteries in the United States. Several spectral manifestations including the phantom body of a headless spirit, found by a caretaker in the early 1800's. The head of the body was never found.

Bachelor's Grove Cemetery: Midlothian, Illinois

Believed to be the most haunted cemetery in North America, this secluded area along with the lagoon, was served as a dumping spot of those who crossed the mob during the 1920's. Vandals, voodoo practitioners, and cultists who performed animal sacrifices have also abused the graveyard. At least one accidental death occurred here. In the 1870's, a farmer who once plowed the land near the cemetery was dragged into the lagoon but his horse, resulting in his death.

Whaley House: San Diego, California

 Built by the Whaley family in 1857, part of this mansion was rented to the	 country, as the courtroom and records room, performing executions by hanging. Gallows were also built on the site. The property was no stranger to death. The Whaley's son died at only 18 months. A neighbor by the name of Annabelle, collided with a clothesline, died soon after in the kitchen. The public hanging of Jim Robinson, a convicted thief was tragically devastating when the rope failed to snap his neck. It took 45 agonizing minutes for the man to die.

Gettysburg Military National Park: Gettysburg, Pennsylvania

This was the bloodiest battle by far in the civil war. In 2 days, (July 1-3, 1863), over 50.000 Americans killed each other. Devils den, on the battlefield property, is especially active. The battle was fought by confederate troops under general Robert E. Lee, and union troops under General George Meade. During the height of the battle, reinforcements from the 20th Maine Division neared Gettysburg, but were unsure of the direction to travel when they came to a fork in the road. A glowing apparition of George Washington appeared to lead them.

Hundreds of men witnessed this ghost, leading them into a strategic position on a hilly slope called Little Roundup, which turned out to be a decisive engagement, turning away the advancing confederate army. An investigation was even conducted concerning the ghostly appearance. Due to the massive causalities, this could probably be this most haunted area in the country.

Silver Cliff Cemetery: Silver Cliff, Colorado

In the 1880's, the mining town of Silver Cliff boasted of a population of over 5,000 people. The recently discovered silver mines attracted pioneers and miners alike, in hopes of a better life. The cemetery, lies at the junction of highway 69 and highway 96. The early residents, as well as the miners who died here haunt the whole area. Sightings of miners with lanterns, still looking for the treasure of riches remain, for they do not rest in peace.

The Alamo: San Antonio, Texas

On February 23rd, 1836, 5000 Mexican troops arrived in San Antonio, bent on destroying the rebellious Texans. The rebels had secured a four-acre compound of Mission San Antonio De Valero, better known as the Alamo. Col. William B. Travis and Frontiersman James Bowie, along with Davy Crockett and 185 other men, were outnumbered 10 to 1 against them. The words "surrender" or "retreat" was sneered at, and were not considered an option. The Texans inflicted 600 Mexican causalities, making the battle at the Alamo one of the bloodiest conflicts in the frontier west. On the morning of March 6, 1836, the Mexicans invaded the Alamo, furious with their losses; they were encouraged to mutilate the rebels, burning the corpses on the pyre. Gruesome apparitions have been witnessed throughout the Alamo, along with a faint sound of a fiddle, an instrument that Davy Crockett played.

Tombstone, Arizona

Known as "The Queen of the Mining Camps", Tombstone remains one of the most haunted towns in the world. The city sprang up from the desert in 1877 when silver was discovered in the area, and from 1879 to 1889, Tombstone was considered a boomtown. Tombstone's long history of bloody shootouts, including the brutal incident at the O.K. Corral, filled the infamous Boot hill cemetery to capacity.

It seems that almost every building in the small community has recorded some sort of spectral manifestations. The buildings, as well as, the streets of Tombstone, (especially Allen Street), are very haunted, and should be approached with caution. A stroll on the board sidewalks at 3:30 am in Tombstone is an experience unlike any other in the world. The Bird Cage Theater, (chapter 6), seems to be the heart of the spectral activity.

Bonadventure Cemetery: Savannah, Georgia

 Once a beautiful estate, built around 1750, caught fire and burned to the ground. Now a moss covered cemetery, the sadness of the proud history of the former estate can be felt throughout the property.

Boot Hill Cemetery: Idaho City, Idaho

Now a small town of about 300 people, this cemetery represents the town's gold rush heyday that lingers from Idaho City's violent past. Many of the mining towns former residents haunt Boot Hill cemetery after dark.

Cahokia Mounds: Cahokia Mounds, Illinois

This sacred site dates back to 700 A.D. and 1200 A.D.; over 20,000 people occupied the area. There are an estimated 120 mounds built onsite. Mound 72 is the gravesite of nearly 300 women that were allegedly sacrificed to appease the gods. The grounds are a source of powerful psychic energy even today.

Clark Street: Chicago, Illinois

This street was the location of the famous Saint Valentine's Massacre, on February 14, 1929; rival gangsters dressed up as police wiped out the Bugs Moran Gang. Also, the Clark Street Bridge was the scene of a boat that capsized named the Eastland. In 1915, 812 people died under the bridge. The cries of panic can still be heard.

Cimarron, New Mexico

Settled in 1841, this town became known as "Satan's Paradise". This small township has seen its share of death. Deadly gunplay killed many, as records can attest. Cimarron became an important stop on the old Santa Fe Trail. The word "Cimarron" in Spanish means "wild" or "unruly", and the town lived up to its name. In 1875, as with so many other towns throughout the west, Cimarron gained the reputation for lawlessness. The history of the Cimarron area is both varied and vague. Everything that happened somewhere in the west, happened in Cimarron. The St. James Hotel, (Chapter 5), seems to be the center of the haunting activity for the town.

Graceland and Evergreen Cemeteries: Chicago, Illinois

Haunted by a lot of different spirits, these two cemeteries are active throughout the year. From a hitchhiking brunette phantom to a weeping, moving statue, including a unexplained figure of a lady said to have died in 1880, walks among the tombstones in Graceland.

Defeo House: Amityville, New York

Probably the most famous haunted house in America. One night in November 1974, Ronald Defeo, who was 24 years old, killed his parents, two brothers, and two sisters, saying that voices ordered him to kill his family. He was charged with the murders, and sentenced to six consecutive life terms in prison.

In December 1975, the house was purchased by George and Kathy Lutz. Within a month, the Lutze's abandoned the house, and moved in with friends. Rumors started to spread. Prompting the news media that evil spirits possessed the house. Later, the Lutze's commissioned Jay Anson to write the Amityville Horror in 1977, which was made into a hit movie, and releasing four sequels. The present owners of the house have reported no haunting activity at all.

Syracuse Landmark Theater: Syracuse, New York

This beautiful theater, opened in 1928, seated 2,896 people. Shortly after renovations were completed in 1978, the apparition of a pale lady who might have worked here had deep aspirations in becoming and actress, therefore, connecting her spirit here. An electrician worked here by the name of Oscar Rau. His ghost has been witnessed by the light board. The most active part in the theater seems to be the Walnut Room. A negative spirit continues to make employees uncomfortable, also, unexplained fires have erupted here not to mention, several cold spots throughout the room. Scary events have occurred in the theaters basement catacombs. The restored theater is on the national register of historic places.

Myrtle Plantation: St. Francisville, Louisiana

Built in 1796 by General David Bradford, the house is the site of at least 10 murders, and at least 1 known suicide. Many ghosts are said to roam this property, including slaves who lived and died here. Also, the slave cemetery on the property remains active. This southern plantation is now a bed and breakfast inn, and the spirits here continue to make their presence known.

Greenwood Cemetery: Decatur, Illinois

Founded in 1857, this cemetery got its start as early as 1828. Haunted by many apparitions, its troubled past continues to linger here. A flood of the Sangamon River dislodged several coffins. Since this, ghost lights have been seen in the cemetery. Other spirits are said to haunt the area known as hell hollow, where 8 unsolved murders took place.

Hannah House: Indianapolis, Indiana

Built in 1858, this mansion did not see any activity until 1967. Abandoned for five years, strange phenomena started to take hold. The smell of rotted flesh took over one of the bedrooms here, followed by cold spots lingering throughout the house. Hannah's stillborn child's manifestation could be the cause. The apparition of Alexander M. Hannah himself has been witnessed, also, phantom slaves are said to haunt the basement.

Mammouth Cave National Park: Kentucky

As the largest natural cave in the world, around two million people a year visit this park. With over 150 reports of ghostly phenomena since its discovery in 1798, it remains one of the most active hauntings in the country, if not the world. A black slave named Stephen Bishop is clearly the most active ghost here, sighted along with a woman and two children, whose identities remain unknown. At least 4 other spirits are said to haunt the site.

Lemp Mansion: St. Louis, Missouri

In 1904, William Lemp, devastated over the death of his son, killed himself in his office. Since, his daughter Elsa, son William, and son Charles have committed suicide within these walls. The mansion was transformed into a boarding house until 1977. After extensive renovation, it was then turned into a restaurant. Slamming doors, ghostly sounds, and a ghost playing piano are just a few of the reports of spiritual activity.

Spy House: Port Monmouth, New Jersey

Built in 1648, it is considered to be the oldest building in New Jersey. There are at least 2 dozen ghosts here, probably many more. The house sports the trapped souls of some revolution era ghosts, former owners, several children spirits, and other unidentified spectral guests. The history has created mystery on a large paranormal scale, and is considered to be the most haunted in the United States.

St. James Hotel: Cimarron, New Mexico

Built in 1872 by Henry Lambert. It evolved into the St. James Hotel by 1880. In the opinion of this writer, it is the most haunted hotel in New Mexico. Chapter 5 explains why.

Rhoads Opera House: Boyertown, Pennsylvania

On January 13, 1908, during a benefit production, a terrible fire swept through this building. Over 170 men, women and children were burned alive. Most of the bodies were buried in a common grave due to the unrecognizable remains. They were buried in Fairview cemetery, where the tombstone lists the names of the victims with the words, "the unidentified" at the base of the stone. The building was rebuilt in the same spot, and remains very haunted. The gravesite is also haunted.

Baleroy Mansion: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Curses, and many ghosts haunt this mansion. A 200-year-old wing chair belongs to the spirit of Amelia. Anyone who sits in the chair soon dies. At least four deaths have been blamed on this deadly curse. Cold spots linger throughout the mansion, even the ghost of Thomas Jefferson has appeared here. Owned by the descendants of civil war general George Meade, his possessions along with items belonging to Napoleon Bonaparte furnishes the house.

John Bell Farm: Adams, Tennessee

The Bell witch is widely regarded as America's Greatest Ghost Story. A malicious and powerful force plagued the Bell family for 4 horrible years resulting in the only murder by a spirit ever recorded in the United States. John Bell was mercilessly beaten by this spirit, fell into a coma. He died on December 21, 1820. An eerie laugh followed the announcement of his death. Even though the Bell house is gone, the property remains very haunted.

Hollywood Cemetery: Richmond, Virginia

A great stone pyramid marks the mass graves of over 18,000 Civil War soldiers, most of whom remain unknown. The area remains haunted.

Fredericksburg Battlefield: Fredericksburg, Virginia

In December, 1862, Robert E. Lee led the confederate troops against the assault on General Ambrose Burnside's troops, who took cover on the ridge, known as Marye's Heights, easily defeating them. In the battle, over 10,000 soldiers died, causing amazing haunted activity.

Springer Opera House: Columbus, Georgia

Built in 1871, this theater is believed to be haunted by the brother of John Wilkes Booth, the man who killed Abe Lincoln. In 1876, Edwin Booth appeared here in a production of Hamlet, and received great recognition for his performance, thus freeing the actor from the stigma of being John Wilkes Booth's brother. When the theater was renovated in 1963, unexplainable things started to occur. Employee believe that Edwin is irritated at the fact that his favorite play, hamlet, will never again, be performed here.

Loudoun Mansion: Germantown, Pennsylvania

Built in 1801, this mansion was constructed over the graves of revolutionary war soldiers who died at the battle of Germantown. Several paranormal activities have happened here, from balls of light, to the apparition of Maria Logan, who died here in 1939.

In closing:

There are so many haunted sites in the United States, as well as the world, that they are beyond calculation. I, myself, have never visited a dwelling where I haven't sensed some sort of spiritual presence. More hauntings, as well as ghost sightings are becoming too common. Way too common for us to ignore. In every country, city, and most small towns, sightings are everywhere, and on the rise. Remember, a haunting isn't based on the number of spirits, but the spectral activity in which a ghost creates. The unrest of a spirit should always be taken seriously, and cautiously.