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Private Residence

The private home's address is being withheld because of privacy issues. I am well aware of this house's history, and have conducted several on site investigations on the property, as well as the neighborhood. This house has a spiritual past, with several forms of spirit activity being witnessed by its residents.

The owner has lived here for over 25 years. Prior, an old couple lived in the house, but no documentation was available on whether or not anyone had died in the house. I was told that the whole neighborhood was an old battlefield, during the Spanish-American war. Built in 1927, the house has two, maybe three spirits.

The spirit history hasn't always been pleasant. In 1991, a divorce in the family sparked the aunt of the husband, involved in the dark side of the spirit, to place an evil curse upon the house, and the owner. Strange things started to happen. The owner fell into a state of depression, disabling her life. She stayed in her home, imprisoned, refusing to work, concerning family members. She decided to petition the curse by candlelight, and praying to God for protection, and to remove the curse. Candles would seldom light, and when they did, they were immediately blown out, as if to stop the petition.

Finally, a family member stepped in, and took her to a professional spiritual healer. Immediately, the healer looked into the owner's eyes, and knew, that spiritually, someone was out to harm her. A spirit ritual cleansing was performed on the owner, as well as the property. Holy water, salt, and crosses were strategically placed throughout the residence. It worked.

I moved into the house in January 2000. For a decade, no spiritual activity had been felt on the property. Within a month though, activity was becoming slowly evident. Candles started to flicker abnormally, cold spots started to occur throughout the property. Could spirits have followed me to my new home?

This was clearly not the case. These ghosts had been around long before I arrived. I touched base with one of the spirits, Joseph, who seems to be a soldier who served in the Spanish-American war. He roams the back area of the yard, constantly making his attendance know. Several photos have been taken of the area, with incredible results. This is one of the spirits who can, and does communicate.

Also, the area seems to be a spiritual highway, with hundreds of orbs transporting to their next destination. I know that they are there, even though I can't see them. The spirit of my father-in-law, on the other hand, visits the home, on occasion. I was sleeping on the living room floor, (No, my wife didn't kick me out of bed), when around 1:45am, a cold breeze came by me. All doors and windows were closed. Just then, the heater kicked on, illuminating a faint light around the room.

Instantly following, the recliner pressed down, as if someone sat into the chair. (This recliner was my father-in-law's favorite chair in the physical). It then started to rock. I could feel his presence, and I knew it was he, even though I had never met him. He rocked the chair 3 times, and then stopped.

This repeated several times. It was later confirmed by my mother-in-law that her husband had an annoying habit of rocking his chair 3 times, and then stopping, repeating it over and over. It seemed, that he simply came by to check in on his daughter. My wife has yet to feel her dad's presence. They were very close when he was alive, and she misses him immensely.

During the investigation I took literally hundreds of photographs. I should note, that the property isn't considered a "haunted" site, but, with all this activity, something sure is going on! I feel this site, as well as the area, is a major paranormal highway. I am researching the "lay-line" theory. This could be one possibility.

For pictures of the property click here

There are many possibilities for the reasoning behind this activity. I will update you on further findings. Does your house have major activity and you don't know why? Email us!!! We will help. Thanks, to all!!!!!


Randell S. Van Alst