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“Investigating Haunted New Mexico” By Author Randell S. Van Alst

Publish America Presents Investigating Haunted New Mexico by Randell S. Van Alst

Frederick, Md.-- PublishAmerica is proud to present "Investigating Haunted New Mexico" by Albuquerque, New Mexico’s Randell S. Van Alst.

Whatever you call them… ghosts, apparitions, shades, specters, spirits, haunted souls, hades, specters, spirits, haunted souls, shadows, etc...they have been reported in every city and town. On highways, roads and alleys, from “Eerie” abodes to haunted mansions.

New Mexico stands as one of the most haunted states in America. Van Alst’s book looks into this mystery in his new, masterfully written book.

"Investigating Haunted New Mexico" is Randell S. Van Alst’s second book. His first, “Ghosts in Reality: The Unexplained Truth about Hauntings in our World Today," was published in 2003 by PublishAmerica.

Randell Van Alst’s "Investigating Haunted New Mexico" features numerous locations reputed to be haunted in the nation’s “sixth” most ghostly state.

You may order the book through Publish America, Amazon, as well as other sites on the Internet, and in bookstores.

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Mills Mansion in Springer, New Mexico

Manresa Castle in Port Townsend, Washington!

Hoyle Mansion in White Oaks, New Mexico!

Alcatraz Prison in San Francisco, California!

Gettysburg Battlefield in Pennsylvania!

The Alamo in San Antonio, Texas!

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