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VSI Help page

Death is hard to take. VSI offers counseling and support in reference to all phases of one’s emotional and spiritual trauma dealing with a loved one’s death, its aftermath, unclean spirits and hauntings, spiritual cleansings, Spirit investigations and research, to poltergeist and demon cleansings, as well as exorcism evaluation and cleansings of and by the Holy Spirit.

Ghosts and the places they haunt have always captured the imagination of mankind.

Death is a subject usually avoided, often feared, but is inevitably faced by all of us. To some, death is merely the doorway to the traditional concept to heaven or hell. To others, it’s the bridge to reincarnation, or a graduation to a higher place, and still others feel death as the end. “The scientific termination of existence.” Many are too busy to concern themselves with the subject. Sigmund Friod once said, “At the bottom, no one believes in his own death.” In the conscience, everyone is convinced of his own immortality.

If you haven’t given thought to your own “death”, it is approaching, and is deserving of your consideration. Not in morbid preoccupation, but in curiosity and awe, the natural phenomena, as full of mystic now, as when time began. Source: “Death and Beyond”

What happens when we die? Why do we never “truly” recover when a loved one passes? Especially when a loved one is taken suddenly,accidentally, violently murdered, or prematurely. Why is there so much “Spiritual” hurt? And that’s where a loved one’s death only begins. The anger… the frustration,… The questions… The “what if’s”… The emotional loss… The personal guilt… Finding closure… and much more are involved in dealing with a loved one’s death.

In today’s society, “death” is considered the “enemy.” Millions die every year, (around 150,000 a day) on this Earth.

If the “deceased” is causing conflict in your life, and you don’t know what to do, or where to turn, let us know. Though ghosts are not supposed to interfere with the flesh, but, this happens everyday through sightings, hauntings, even human-like apparitions have been documented.

Love your brothers and sisters as Jesus Christ loved, (and continues), to love you. That way, there will be no “unfinished” business. The Spirit World is real, with witnesses experiencing it daily. Those who don’t rest in peace will continue to haunt those they know as “unclean spirits.”

If you need help, a friend in Christ, someone to talk to, or advice in reference to that of the afterlife, let us know. VSI is here for you.