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Books by Randell S. Van Alst


My new release, “Investigating Haunted New Mexico,” covers numerous sites on New Mexico soil, reputed to be haunted.

Subjects covered in the book: New Mexico’s violent history / Most haunted places / Ghost towns / New Mexico’s ghost hunters / How and where to conduct a “ghost” investigation / New Mexico’s favorite ghost stories / much, much more


My first book, “Ghosts in Reality, The Unexplained Truth About Hauntings In Our World Today,” goes into detail about our own “personal” spirit, as well as “why” ghosts haunt the living. This book is based on over 250 on-site investigations, and over 10 years of intense research, as well as a “lifetime” of ghostly encounters.

Subjects covered in the book: ghosts in general / understanding death / the human spirit/ the Wild West and its “haunted” past / 50 most haunted sites in America / what to do if your house is haunted / science vs. spirit / other events of the unexplained / “future” hauntings, and so much more.

Are ghosts real? Though often banished to the realms of superstition and imagination, ghost lore and study stem from a rich and varied branch of folklore and mythology. Every culture around the world holds beliefs about some form of ghosts or supernatural beings. From primitive fears that the souls of the dead could return to haunt the living in the 19th century, to the Spiritualist craze embodied by attempts to communicate with the deceased, even today, these hauntings remain, and continue to echo from the past, here in the present. Death, the Gateway to the Afterlife: Death is a subject usually avoided, often feared, but is inevitably faced by all of us. To some, death is merely the doorway to the traditional concept to heaven or hell. To others, it’s the bridge to reincarnation, or a graduation to a higher place, and still others feel death as the end. “The scientific termination of existence.” Many are too busy to concern themselves with the subject. Sigmund Friod said, “At the bottom, no one believes in his own death.” In the conscience, everyone is convinced of his own immortality. If you haven’t given thought to your own “death”, it is approaching, and is deserving of your consideration. Not in morbid preoccupation, but in curiosity and awe, the natural phenomena, as full of mystic now, as when time began. The Paranormal. Countless sightings of ghosts and places in which they reside are on the increase. Reports of strange phenomena throughout this country, as well as the world, are witnessed on a daily basis. Over the centuries, ghosts have been sighted consistently in all areas of this continent, in a variety of locations ranging from dank caves of the wilderness, to the White House itself. From the malevolent spirit in room 18 of the St. James hotel in Cimarron, New Mexico, to an entire regiment of soldiers long deceased on the battlefield in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania; these sightings leave us only, with more unanswered questions. Scientific evidence. Science has developed several techniques creating results in the realms of what we refer to as “ghost hunting.” Hi-tech gadgets from digital cameras, Tri-field meters, EVP, to infrared and temperature-sensitive video equipment have caught actual events on film that quite frankly, cannot be explained. “Images”, from mysterious rays of light, circle-shaped images referred to as “orbs”, poltergeist activity, to flesh-like apparitions, have all been caught on audio, as well as video equipment, basically puzzling scientists, as well as paranormal investigators. The realms of Entertainment. From the books we read, to the motion pictures we see, the subject of ghosts and hauntings continue to be an all to common part in the world of our entertainment. Almost everyone knows of a ghost story, swapping tales of ghostly terror has become an art form, perpetuated in novels and on film. The marketing of ghosts and hauntings in our society continues to bring in an untold amount of riches in that of the flesh. The impression that society gives us is usually taken as fact. Haunted places are everywhere. Once someone sees or experiences anything of the Spirit, it is never forgotten. One of the many misconceptions of hauntings are, “When there’s a lot of activity, there are many ghosts.” This is simply untrue. Haunted mansions, battlefields, plantations, as well as our cemeteries continue to remain active throughout our country, with sightings and happenings, too prevalent to ignore. The Truth. That which is born of the “Spirit” is Spirit. To see the Spirit, you must be, “in” Spirit. To understand ghosts and hauntings, you must understand that ghosts are individual, each to there own, refusing for whatever reason to continue their journey in the Spirit world. The research of ghosts and the places they haunt, is in no way, scientifically based. Even the basic practices of science state, “if you want to learn about a subject, you must go to the source.” The subject of ghosts and hauntings, the source is that of the Spirit, not of the flesh. People have questions. “Ghosts in Reality” has the Answers.

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Books for Further Research

The data for this book has been collected over my lifetime from a wide variety of sources. The Word of God, V.S.I. Investigations and experiences, Historical Landmarks throughout the country, movies, the Internet, television specials, documentaries, local urban myths and legends, ghost stories, many different publications, paranormal lectures and writings, and firsthand reports. Below is a condensed list of the most valuable content resources for further examination.

The Word of God: Read in "Spirit and in Truth." John 4:24

Van Alst, Randell S. books: “Ghosts in Reality: the unexplained truth about hauntings in our world today,” and “Investigating Haunted New Mexico” Publisher: Publish America

“Life after Life” and “The Light Beyond” by Raymond A. Moody

“One minute after you die” by Erwin L. Lutzer

“The Ghost Hunter’s Guidebook” by Troy Taylor Publisher: Whitechapel Press

“Apparitions” Author: G.N.M. Tyrell Publisher: Collier Books

“The National and International directories of Haunted Places” Author: Dennis William Hauck Publisher: Penguin books

“The Encyclopedia of Ghosts and Spirits, Second Edition” Author: Rosemary Ellen Guiley. Publisher: Checkmark books

“The Field guide to North American Hauntings” Author: W. Haden Blackman Publisher: Three River Press

“The Idiot’s guide to Ghosts and Hauntings” Author: Tom Ogden Publisher: Alpha Books

“Field Guide to Spirit Photography” Author: Troy Taylor Publisher: Whitechapel Press

“The World of the Unexplained: An illustrated guide to the Paranormal:” Author: Janet and Colin Bord Publisher: A Blandford book

“GHOSTS: True encounters with the world beyond” Author: Han Holzer Publisher: Black Dog & Leventhal

GHOSTS: True encounters with the world beyond… Haunted Places, Haunted Houses, Haunted People. Author: Han Holzer Publisher: Black Dog & Leventhal

“Coast to Coast Ghosts” Author: Leslie Rule Publisher: McMeel Publishing

“Haunted Alton” Author: Troy Taylor Publisher: Whitechapel Press

“Ghost stories of America” Authors: Dan Asfar, Edrick Thay Publisher: Ghost House Books

‘Travel Guide to Haunted Houses” Author: Hans Holzer Publisher: Black Dog & Leventhal

“Ghostly Encounters” Author: Frances Kermeen Publisher: Warner Books

“Haunted Highways: The Spirits of Route 66” Authors: Ellen Robson & Dianne Halicki Publisher: Golden West

“LIGHTHOUSE: Legends & Hauntings” Author: William O. Thomson Self Published

“Ghosts of Old Louisville” Author: David Domine Publisher: McClanahan Publishing House Inc.

“Haunted Holidays: Discovery Travel Adventures” Editor: Laura Foreman Series Editor: John Gattuso Publisher: Insight Press

“GHOST: A firsthand account into the world of paranormal activity” Author: Katherine Ramsland Publisher: St. Martin’s Paperbacks

“The Blood of the Shroud” Author: Ian Wilson Publisher: Free Press

“Sightings: Beyond imagination lies the truth” Author: Susan Michaels Publisher: Simon and Schuster

“Haunted Heartland” Authors: Beth Scott and Michael Norman Publisher: Barnes and Noble books

“Sleeping with Ghosts! A Ghost hunter’s Guide to Arizona’s Haunted Hotels & Inns Author: Debe Branning Publisher: Golden West

“The field guide to Ghosts and other Apparitions” Authors: Hilary Evans and Patrick Huyghe Publisher: Harper Collins

“Ghostly Encounters” By Frances Kermeen Publisher: Warner Books

“Ghost” by Katherine Ramsland Publisher: St. Martin’s paperbacks

“Adobe Angels” Ghost Book Series By Antonio Garcez Publisher: Red Rabbit Press

“The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Communicating with Spirits” by Rita S. Berkowitz and Deborah S. Romaine Publisher: Alpha

“Real Ghosts, Restless Spirits, and Haunted Places” by Brad Steiger Publisher: Visible Ink Press.

“Haunted Hotels” Author: Jo-Anne Christensen Publisher: Ghost House Books