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Serious Stuff

This stuff will have you pondering the meaning of life.

Factoids : Some things you may not know about Star Wars.

Songs : All these songs at least mention Star Wars.

Philosophy : The deep hidden meanings of Star Wars.

In case you didn't notice... : The details of Star Wars.

Laser Blast Chart : A chart of all the laser blasts fired in Star Wars.

May the Force be with you : In a few different languages.

Allusions : Other movies and shows make allusions to Star Wars a lot.

Lyrics to Duel of the Fates : I looked for these a long time. I found them.

What if... : This is where I ponder what Star Wars would be like if things had happened differently.

Star Wars in Real Life : This page in about encountering Star Wars in real life.

Numbers in Star Wars : All the numbers ever mentioned in Star Wars.

Reviews : These are reviews that I wrote, for Star Wars, of course they only say good things about it.

Birthdays : A list of the cast and crew of Star Wars and their birthdays, so you can keep track of when to celebrate.

Battles : A list of all the battles in Star Wars. There are 70 battles mentioned on this page.

Fan Fiction : Fiction by fans, mostly me.

Star Wars as a Rock Opera : A parodied version of The Who's "Tommy." The Who rocks.

Chemistry in Star Wars : It's about time!

Transcripts : Just lines, no stage directions.

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