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Luke's original name was Luke Starkiller but it was changed to Skywalker on the first day of shooting.

David Prowse was 6'7" tall. He played Darth Vader but since he had a Welsh accent George Lucas dubbed James Earl Jones's voice over Prowse's. Prowse still took his part very seriously and started to believe he really was Darth Vader.

Early on in the development of the story, Han Solo was going to be a green-skinned, gilled alien who would only make a few appearences in the film.

Chewbacca is a cross between a bear; George Lucas's Alaskan malamute, Indiana; and a monkey.

George Lucas heard editor Walter Murch ask for R2, D2 (reel 2, dialogue 2) while filming American Graffiti. He liked the way it sounded so he named a character in Star Wars R2-D2.

One 20th Century Fox executive's wife said that C-3PO should have a moving mouth because no one would understand how he could talk without moving his mouth.

Geogre Lucas discribed the trash compacter monster as a "big, wide, brown turd."

If your last name was Master, you could name your kid Jed and give him a middle name that begins with "I" like Ian or Isaac. Then his name would be Jed I. Master. Wouldn't that be cool?

"Vader" is Dutch for father.

In the Italian version of Star Wars, R2-D2 is renamed C1-P8.

The sound of a TIE fighter is created by combining the squeal of a young elephant and the sound of a car driving on a wet road.

Denis Lawson (Wedge) is Ewan McGregor's uncle.

George Lucas refused to put credits in the begining of the movie because they would destroy the opening.

The Millennium Falcon was modeled after a hamburger with an olive next to it.

Obi-Wan is modeled after a Samurai warrior.

The word "jedi" comes from the Japanese words "Jidai Geki" which means "period drama."

Jodi Foster was Lucas's second choice for Princess Leia.

Burt Reynolds was originally cast as Han Solo, but he dropped out.

The Tatooine scenes in A New Hope were filmed in Tunisia. There is a town in Tunisia called "Tatahouine."

Most of the people in the throne room at the end of A New Hope are cardboard cutouts.

Liam Neeson was too tall for the sets of Phantom Menace. It cost an extra $150,000 to raise the ceilings of the sets.

Qui-Gon's comlink is a redecorated Sensor Excel Razor for Women.

Natalie Portman missed the premiere party because she had to study for her high school exams.

After the credits in the Phantom Menace you can hear Darth Vader breathing.

Queen Amidala's throne-room dress took 8 weeks to design.

George Lucas was determined to keep the ending of the Empire Strikes Back a secret. He had David Prowse say "Obi-Wan Kenobi is your father," and later dubbed it, "I am your father."

Jeremy Bulloch (Boba Fett) replaced an extra who got sick. He can be seen as the Imperial Guard who pulls Leia into the elevator as she screams, "It's a trap!" He is later captured by Lando Calrissian's men.

Wedge was not scripted to appear in Empire Strikes Back but a fan prompted Lucas to include him.

Co-producer Robert Watts doubles as the scout walker pilot who is thrown from the scout walker by Chewbacca in Return of the Jedi.

Lando and the Millennium Falcon were originally scripted to blow up in the second Death Star.

One of the songs the Ewoks sing sounds like "Det luktar flingor har," Swedish for "It smells like cereal in here." However, the real words are, "G'noop dock fling oh ah."

Lucas rearranged the letters in the word 'wookiee' to make the word 'ewok.'

Mark Hamill did all of his own stunts in Return of the Jedi.

Mark Hamill annoyed Alec Guinness. Guinness once paid him a dollar to go away.

These are the characters in thw 1974 Star Wars script:
-Annikin Starkiller: An 18-year-old Jedi-Bendu, falls in love with Leia
-Deak Starkiller: Annikin's 10-year-old brother, he dies in the first 10 minutes
-Kane Starkiller: Annikin's father, a Jedi knight, he is all machine except his head and one of his arms
-Luke Skywalker: a 60-year-old General from the planet Aquilae, he trains Annikin
-King Kayos: the king of Aquilae, the planet with two suns
-Biggs and Windy: sons of King Kayos
-Leia: the 14-year-old princess of Aquilae, she becomes Queen when her father, Kayos, dies
-Chewie: a hotshot 16-year-old pilot with the call name Devil 2, he is the sole surviver of the first attack on the Imperial Space Fortress
-R2-D2 and C-3PO: robots of the Empire, they both speak basic, and they're both complaining pansies
-General Vader: a General of the Empire, not a Sith Lord
-Prince Valorum: a Sith Lord
-Han Solo: an amphibious-type creature, the friend of Luke Skywalker and Kane Starkiller
-Dewanna: a wookee (fierce creatures that live on Yavin)
-Auzituck: chief of the wookee village on Yavin
-Chewbacca: Auzituck's son, an old friend of Han Solo's
-Owen and Beru Lars: a couple living in a treehouse on Yavin

In the 1974 script the phrase was "May the force of other people be with you." (you can read this whole script at

The scenes with Biggs in the beginning of A New Hope were cut because a producer said those scenes were like "American Grafitti in Space." George Lucas didn't want Star Wars to be anything like American Grafitti.

In the French dubbed version of Star Wars Han is "Yan."

Before she was cast as Queen Amidala, Natalie Portman had never seen Star Wars. (gasp!)

Ryan Phillipe, Paul Walker, and Colin Hanks auditioned for the part of Anakin Skywalker.

Ewan McGregor made lightsabre noises during the fight scenes, so did Hayden Christensen.

Kenneth Colley (Admiral Piett) played Jesus in Monty Python's The Life of Brian.

John Williams is the most Oscar nominated person alive with 42 Oscar nominations as of 2003, including 5 wins. There is some dead composer who has him beat with 45 nominations and 9 wins, but he won't be getting anymore, being dead and all.

Admiral Ackbar was originally scripted to be "a pale blue nonhuman."

The radiating shafts making up the floor of the Second Death Star's reactor core are made up of 1500 fishing poles.

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