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Star Wars in Real Life

1. People in the outing club made Chewbacca noises.

2. My writing class professor read something about an "obese potentate," and compared it to Jabba the Hutt.

3. The daily words of wisdom on my neighbor's door at college were once "Do or do not. There is no try."

4. One of the times I got lost going to a concert and ended up backstage, the orchestra was playing the Star Wars theme, just for fun.

5. There was a teacher at my elementary school named Kelly Hutt-Vader.

6. In this lame movie there was a short freaky guy who Harvey dubbed "Yoda."

7. My roommate called Harvey "Chewbacca."

8. People are always saying that they're going to turn me to the "Dark Side."

9. My roommate, Lisa, has a teddy bear with a hood. When the hood is on he's in "Ewok Mode."

10. My English teacher called those ninja throwing stars "death stars."

11. My Anthropology professor said that San medicine, called n/um, was like the Force.

12. The bombing of Afghanistan stories on the news are titled, "America Strikes Back."

13. There's this fund raiser at my school where you put money in jars labeled with charities and the jar with the most money in it wins. It's called "Jar Wars."

14. Harvey said that Babidi on Dragonball Z was "Yoda on heroine."

15. When I was in high school there was a quiz bowl, and one of the catagories was Star Wars.

16. New York is the Empire State!

17. There is a train called the Empire Builder!

18. There's a physics professor at my school who everyone calls professor Jar Jar because no one can understand him. Actually, that might be his real name, I've never heard him called anything else.

19. There's a honda motorcycle called a Rebel!

20. I saw a poster for the college radio station with a picture of a trash can that said, "no household trash" and yoda was sitting on top. I don't know what that means.

21. David bounced a ball and caught it and said he had Jedi reflexes.

22. I was reading a crappy book for sociology and the word "rancor" was used. I guess some people, like Webster's Dictionary, think that "rancor" means "bitterness." Little do they know....

23. I hear there's an ice cream called Jabba the Nutt.

24. My sociology professor said that everyone going to see Episode II is not a movement because it's not organized.

25. They're building these sattlelites that will shot missles down from space before they hit anything. They call this....Star Wars!

26. This one time I went to Pizza Hutt and the bill came out to be $21.87!

27. There's a town near Trenton, New Jersey called E-wing.

28. When some dogs attacked her, Rainbow Brite ran to the door saying, "Open the blast door! Open the blast door!"

29. There's a place to eat at my school called Dexter's Cafe.

30. Leon Fleisher has been called the Obi-Wan of piano teachers.

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