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Official Type Star Wars Web Sites:

Star Wars Official Site Your source for the Force!
BlueHarvest.Net Star Wars behind the scenes galore. Great sound and video archive. The best Star Wars site on the web in my opinion.
TheForce.Net Your daily dose of Star Wars. News every day, where to go for spoilers. Star Wars news for the fans by the fans.

Other Good Star Wars Web Sties:

Great Site. Weird stuff. Made up scripts (claimed to be real) and pants.

Great Site, another strange site with strange fan fiction, and cheese.

Good Site. Not exclusively Star Wars stuff. In fact, very little Star Wars stuff, but good Star Wars fan fiction and other creative writings.

Great Site. Elegant-looking with very interesting information on Amidala/Padme.

Good site by iloveyouiknow with unique images and animation.

Good Site. Heavy on the expanded universe. Information on little known characters and how to play sabacc. And some really good message boards. Wow.

Star Wars Origami: The title speaks for itself. Directions on how to make Star Wars Origami!
Find yourStar Wars Twin: Really more of a personality comparison thing, but there is a test.
Star Wars Name Generator: A bit easier than my name thing, but not nearly as cool.
Everything I Learned I Learned from Star Wars: Similar to one of my pages.
Is Yoda Amish?: A little out dated but very funny.
Star Wars Stick Figures: In case you want to see some really great Star Wars fan art!
Star Wars Personality Test: Find out which character has the closest personality to you. Can include expanded universe.

Other Sites:

An Ode to Erich, Part 2 Ramblings about music and frozen foods.
Chikara’s Drunken RamPAGE This site is always under construction and contains ramblings about original characters.
Doug's Web Page of Mystery and Intrique Contains movie reviews, Doug's very own animation, and a big page of rants and raves.
Simpsons Obviously a Simpsons fan site, containing cast biographies and episode previews.
Damn Gurl Mostly pictures of cars and cartoons on one page.
Advice Angel Besides a background of naked angels, this site also has a message board, that might be a little too serious for most.
Hiperionx Games, message boards, links.
SEP South East Psychos.
Demon Cat’s Fan Fiction Hotel Good Site. Read Evil Overlord Thing. It‘s under Humour.
JoJo the Wind-up Monkey Stuff about anime, art work, and most importantly, stuff about the Who.
My Cool Site Jokes, including 50 things to do in an elevator, plus ramblings about beliefs and opinions.
IZvastrngr A site dedicated to Duran Duran, the band from the 80's.
Dumb Laws Good Site. Here you can find dumb laws of any state in the US and some other countries. A very official-looking site.
.Wood Productions Mostly about Dottie's dogs.
Mike’s World, Rock on Baby! Contains mostly ramblings, a few pictures.
Carrie's Conrner This is a good site. Good poetry. Also cute kitties.
Tiamat Science fiction short stories.
The Dixie Rose Roses, Southern history, and confederate flags.
Welcome to my Fantasy Contains pictures of unicorns, Indian spirit pictures, and pictures of fairies.
Spriteling Destiny Jade A very fantasy-fights-dedicated site with links.
Tinkerbell's Treasures A Peter Pan fan site with lots of backgrounds, especially of Tinkerbell.
Ice's Andromeda Andromeda fan site with computer fan art, biographies, and lots of quotes.
Battlestar New York Battlestar Galactica fan site containing Science Fiction Convention and Fan Fair pages, a movie reviews message board, amd links.
Melinda's World of Unicorns Information on unicorns, unicorn quotes and pictures. A very nice site.
Parvi Sed Magni A weird "friendship" and "puppies" web site.
Fromage Bleu A cool site about Rainbow Brite's band, Fromage Bleu. Interesting lyrics and band history.
CB Designs Gives instructions on html. Very useful stuff.
R & A Bobwhite Quail A page about birds.

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