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In case you didn't notice (but you probably did...)

Here's some stuff to look for next time you watch Star Wars.

1. In Return of the Jedi when Admiral Ackbar is talking you can see Mon Mothma in the background. She looks like she can't believe how ugly the guy is.

2. In Phantom Menace, Jabba flicks a little animal off the balcony. The scream is blood-curdling.

3. In A New Hope there's an astronaut in the cantina.

4. Lando makes a funny noise when the sarlacc grabs him in Return of the Jedi.

5. Yoda makes a funny noise when Artoo tries to take the lamp from him in the Empire Strikes Back.

6. Another blood-curdling scream in Phantom Menace: when an artoo unit gets blasted off the Naboo cruiser while trying to fix it.

7. When Jabba calls Han bantha poo doo in Return of the Jedi, it looks like Bib Fortuna is enjoying it a little too much.

8. When Luke is trying to escape the rancor in Return of the Jedi there's a Rodian in the crowd amusing himself with his fingers.

9. The thing that Luke throws at the button to drop the door on the rancor is a skull.

10. When Han is sneaking over to Paploo, who's showing them the back door, he almost trips.

11. Jabba leaves green slime on C-3PO after hitting him when C-3PO says "fifty thousand, no less."

12. In A New Hope a Stormtrooper hits his head on a door that's not opened all the way.

13. After Threepio enter's Jabba's palace, a big spider walks by.

14. In the special edition of Return of the Jedi, after falling out of the Ewok's net, Han gets up three times.

15. Leia closes her eyes almost evey time she shoots.

16. Luke never hit an AT-AT before he said, "that armor's too strong for blasters."

17. Luke brought his fishing pole to Dagobah in ESB.

18. In ROTJ Luke kicks one of Jabba's men and completely misses, while Boba Fett is flying by. I guess he used the Force.

19. Artoo lands on a rib cage when the big fish spits him out on Dagobah in ESB.

20. Stormtroopers explode when they are blasted.

21. In Empire after Luke slices the wompa's arm off, you can hear the sound of a lightsabre turning off, but then the next second he leaves with the sabre on! (Obviously he turned it off out of habit, but thinking there might be more wampas he turned it back on.)

22. When Luke is complaining about the money he got for his speeder in ANH, there is a weird white droid on the right convulsing.

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