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What if...

Han hadn't shot Vader off Luke's tail in the first Death Star battle?
Luke would have died. Wedge would have blown up the Death Star and he would have gotten the medal.

Han didn't need any money?
Obi-Wan would have found some loser to take them to Alderaan and there would be no Han or Chewbacca. Gasp!

Jabba was willing to let Han pay him triple?
Jabba would have lived. No cool fight at the sarlaac pit.

Luke didn't take the restraining bolt ff Artoo?
Luke would have been curious about the message. He would tell Owen he was going to Anchorhead to get Artoo's memory erased, but he would really go see Ben, and the rest would be pretty much the same.

Leia hadn't lead them all into the garbadge compactor?
They would all be dead.

Yoda refused to train Luke?
Luke would be really disappointed. He would try to train himself. Eventually, he would turn to the Dark Side, having not learned of its dangers.

Qui-Gon let Jar Jar die?
There would have been more battle droids in the city because they wouldn't have been fighting the gungans. It would be more difficult to get into the palace.

Artoo had been unable to fix the hyperdrive?
The good guys would be pretty screwed.

C-3PO was a girl?
Wait . . .

Lando hadn't betrayed Han?
Vader would have killd Lando and he would have caught up with Han and Leia anyways, but Lando wouldn't be there to save Chewie and Leia. Vader would kill them. Luke would fall to the planet and die. Han would never get out of the carbonite.

Qui-Gon had lived?
He would have gone back to Tatooine, bought Shmi's freedom and Ahakin would be happy, not turn to the Dark Side and kill Palpatine. Star Wars would be much shorter.

Luke and Leia never found out that they were brother and sister?
Leia would still end up with Han. He's better than Luke. Luke would be jealous and turn to the Dark Side.

Chewie had decided he didn't want the ewoks dead animal?
Leia would be stuck with the ewoks without a translater, unable to find her allies. Han and Luke would be worried about her. They would all be captured before blowing up the Death Star, except for Leia, who would spend the rest of her life with little bears. The galaxy would be screwed.

Han hadn't gone after Luke on Hoth?
Luke would be dead.

Leia had been executed before Han and Luke got to her?
No one would take the plans to the rebellion. They would not lead the Death Star to Yavin. The Evil Galactic Empire would rule forever.

Obi-Wan had killed Darth Vader when they met on the Death Star?
The Emperor would still be a problem. Vader wouldn't be there to kill him. The Emperor would kill Luke when he refused to turn to the Dark Side and blown up Endor. No more rebellion.

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