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Mobjack Bay Relics produces fine museum-quality reproductions of Woodland and earlier-
period American Indian cultural materials. I rely upon more than 25 years of
personal experience, an excellent research-library and 30 joyful years
of collecting, studying and working with ancient Indian artifacts
from Virginia and neighboring states, and all across the country.

I am descended from the Mi'Kmaq of Nova Scotia, but
am not enrolled in nor recognized by the Mi'Kmaq Nation.
I only produce goods in accordance with the
Indian Arts and Crafts Act of 1990

Video produced by Michael Kucera, and provided courtesy of the Southside Sentinel in Urbanna, Virginia

Traditional Tobacco Pipes

Stone Bladed Knives


Traditional-style Pottery

Bone Implements

Stone Tools

Bows and Atlatls

Carved Gourds

Leather and Rawhide Goods

Miscellaneous Items

Links to Visit!
Rappahannock Labradors

Captain John Smith's Virginia Adventures: The Survival of the Jamestown Colony
and the Exploration of Virginia's Tidewater

When did mankind first come to the Americas, and from where?

What IS Archaeology?

Topics Discussed Are

Ethical Responsibility in Collecting
The mystery of North Carolina's Hardaway-Site Campfire Pits
The Significance of Projectile Point Flaking Patterns
Beveling of Points and Knives
Clovis Settlement Patterns in Southeastern Virginia