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Bone Tools

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Swan Comb

This beautiful comb is fashioned after an ancient comb from the deep southeast, originally made from tortoise shell. It is made from a beef rib bone and delicately carved as you can see into a white egret. Combs and other adornments were highly prized and hard to come by in ancient times. As was typical of Chief Powhatan and the times he lived in, much of the finest works of art and the best materials used to produce them usually went to the tribes' chief.

I have several designs in mind that I have not yet produced--Please ask, or suggest
something. These items meant a lot to the Indians then, and by demonstrating their
own skills in modern materials, we can at least catch a glimpse of their meaning
for these First Native Virginians, and hopefully inspire renewed interest in our rich history.

Bone Fish Spear

This fish-spear is meant to be mounted on a 4-6 ft long shaft, for spearing fish, of course, in shallow or deeper waters. The barbs hold the fish as it is skewered rather than letting it slip of and escape. I can create one just like this for you, or you may suggest another style and we will be happy you create it for you. Please provide me with drawings or detailed photographs of what you desire, to assure our mutual understanding.

Bone Awls

The bone awls shown here are for piercing leather and rawhide to enable the passage of a bone needle and thread. we can provide you with similar tools suited to your needs. Eventually we will be offering sewing kits complete with working examples of the tools you need most

Bone Sewing Needles
Sewing needles are the quintessential tool for producing garments, bags, pouches and accessories in authentic style. MBR can provide you with the size needle/s you need for your sewing needs. MBR will soon be offering a variety of styles, to be pictured here, that will cover a range of purposes and needs--in the meantime, please make your requests for what you desire, and we will do our best to fill them.

Hair Pins and Clothing Toggles

Hair pins are traditional ornaments worn by the ladies--sometimes simple and sometimes stylish in form, these hair pins function just as more modern steel and copper examples do. Carved to shape and often ornately so with cross-hatching, scalloped outlines and even faces and animal effigies are reported from archaeological contexts--let us know what you'd like, and we will make it.

Clothing toggles are another aspect of clothing adornment that is often overlooked by those striving to produce authentic-styled clothing. One method of their use is to attach the toggle to a short line on one side of your cape or mantle, with a second line, looped at the far end, to be pulled over the end of the toggle after it is placed through the corresponding hole in the garment's other flap--a simple yet effective and an attractive way to secure its closure against the elements.

MBR will be happy to produce for you the style, shape and length of hair pin or toggle that you desire.