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>>>>> Kiteboarding (and Surfing!) Adventures <<<<<
Est. 9-16-09

Call 804 815-4141 to have me shoot pics of YOU doing your Kiteboard- or Surf-thing in Virginia Beach!

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Kiteboarding and Surfing Adventures My name is Stone and I've been shooting photographs of my friends from the middle peninsula--Paul, Matt and Eric, among others, as they've kiteboarded the beaches of the Middle Peninsula, Virginia Beach and the Eastern Shore for the past 8 years now. Epic winds, towering waves and at times even difficult weather only encourage these guys--'nuclear' conditions where winds reach above 25-35mph, waves towering from 10-16ft and the overcast almost eliminates any chance to take photographs are what makes these guys' eyes sparkle with delight and yearing. We also like the sunnier days and warmer weather, too, lol!

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It is my goal to encourage, support and promote the sport through photography.

With these thoughts in mind, I present my friends in their best and most exhilarating moments--ENJOY!!!

I am accepting others' photographs for web publication here. All submissions become the property of MBR

Posters are available of many of these images. Contact me via email for availability and pricing

Paul Dovel tubing it in the 'white room'! Paul is also featured as my 'cover-shot' above

Actively practicing your 'face-plants' to avoid stunning yourself has its down-side--you still hit the water...hard!

My long-time friend and fellow northern neck'er, Matt St Louis slashes across the waves in what can only be a state of pure bliss

Eric Cohen, one-handed, grabs water! North End Cyclery's owner and an avid kiteboarder, Eric also paddleboards, and is very active in promoting safety in both water sports and cycling... My thanks to Eric for allowing others to come to his shop to borrow the CD's I leave with him, so others may obtain copies of their photos

Ed blasts through the surf, red-rimmed goggles and all!

Paul Dovel launches airborne amid flying surf and salt spray. Just look at that water!

I love the clarity I often get with water and board and rider--no doubt this guy loves it, too!

Onyx gazes in hungry wonderment, lol, as Tanya tempts with her cookies...

Paul Dovel takes to the friendly skies once more. A long-time fav in front of my camera, Paul is also known for his exceptional hospitality and laid-back out-look on life...a true northern neck'er!

Northern neck'er Matt St Louis gets airborne in a big way--look, Ma, no water!
Click Here to see Matt fly!

Eric grabs air-time. Now fully recovered from a rough accident some years ago, you'd never know by his handling of the kite, would you?

Oh, My!

Eric Medhus, a northern neck'er come to blast the waves once more! Facebook-time!

My northern neck buds Matt and Paul cutting across what looks like snow and ice!

Sailing NEVER looked so damned good!

Mike Norment grabs air--he's up there for so long sometimes he seems to be in a holding pattern over the waves

Paul Dovel, a long-time favorite subject and great friend, too!

Seagull says: I can fly, so what's keeping you down?

Ummmm....what could I possibly say?!

Paul Dovel and Eric Medhus are among my best friends--I've been shooting pics of them kiteboarding for 8 years now--thanks for the great times, guys!

Mike and Glen in early spring at the VB beachfront.

Elemental, invigorating and gotta love what kiteboarding does for you! Go Matt!

Helmet-cam in place, we probably took pictures of each other this day! I need to meet you and pass on some pics I've me, please!

Matt St Louis is one of my favorite subjects--Cool, acrobatic and a really down-to-earth friend...

Paul Dovel reaching for some water--the cold can't touch him!

Sky-High Mike and an unknown-to-me kiter--get in touch w/ me so I can credit your pic by name!

Possibly Mike Norment at left, unknown to me at right... I love the pic at left for the shear action it captures--GO MIKE!

Pual's wife, Mara, owns a great tinting business--you can't go wrong here!

Matt St Louis sending a glittering spray skyward behind him...

Matt St Louis cutting a wake--just look at the teeth in that wave!

A midsummer's eve at Chics Beach

this looks like fun!

Eric Cohen grabs some air-time--Houston, we have lift-off!

Glen catches some action, too!

Eric Medhus knifing his way across the waves

Paul and Eric tearing up some waves!

This little vixen spotted my camera too late! I caught her just as she spied me--and surprised she was! A Priceless moment, for sure!

Walk THIS way!

Ed cuts a wake!

Mike is a real acrobat out on the water--he gets more air-time than Boeing!

Go Get'em, Ed! I see Ed quite often out on the waves, and he makes it look easy!

"Every drop counts!", he said as he pee'd into the ocean! You just can't do this on a kiteboard, LOL!

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