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Traditional-style Stone Tools

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MBR produces very atractive working examples of a number of stone tools--axes, adzes, celts, hoes and other hafted implements. Using stone or shell, with wooden handles hafted with leather, rawhide and where needed, hide-glue to secure the stone in place, MBR can fill your needs for authenticity and funtionality.

For the Pow Wow-goer or re-enactor, and for museums and historical sites
needing authentic replica tools to bring a sense of every day life to a
village or camp-setting, I can make what you need.

My work starts with the study of REAL ancient stone artifacts, and I have handled many thousands of artifacts from a large number of collections.
My next point of study has been my large and growing library of
archaeological and ethnological publications, relic and identifi-
cation guides. Thirdly, I have been making much of what you see
on these pages for nearly 30 years now.

What I do is geared specifically towards your needs--please let us know what they are.
WI ask that where a specific design is desired, that you provide drawings,
sketches or photographs of the item you wish to have made for you.

Hafting Possibilities
Artwork by Stone

Hafted Stone Tools

The examples shown are not for sale, but now reside at the First Landing State Parks' museum in Virginia Beach, VA

No Indian, rendezvous-er or re-enactor's 'kit' is complete without a stone axe and other tools reflecting
his occupation and lifestyle. All my tools are hand-crafted with exacting realism in the finished product.

A variety of hafting-element styles and forms evolved over time, with the progression from top to
bottom reflecting the ancestry of hafting methods leading up to the Celt (described in detail below)

Shown above are an adze for woodworking tasks such as hollowing out a log canoe. The stone
blade is socketed and glued into a hollow in the wooden handle. The curvature of the handle
follows the natural angle of use for this kind of tool. One hand is placed upon the head of the
adze, just over the blade, while the other hand pulls from the lower portion of the handle,
creating a straight-line draw that effectively removes charred wood from a canoe's interior,
or planes a round log into a squared beam.

The axe or 'celt', which is socketed into a hole in its handle, as opposed to the handle
being lashed around the grooved axe of earlier periods. The celt was used for jointing game,
for cutting away charred wood from the base of a large tree in the process of felling it,
and at times it made a very handly war-club for close-in fighting.

I use the peck and grind method of tool-manufacture--it is how prehistoric Indians made their tools and the marks of their production virtually always remain visible. It is actually both productive and the simplest of technologies to use!

Custom-made Warclubs: Vulture-Effigy Club aand Caribou Antler War Club

The two warclubs shown are my own personal pieces. The upper one is made from a grape-hoe handle and is carved at the end in effigy of a vulture skull and covered in ground mica dust. Amber carved as skulls are fitted for the eyes. Three prehistoric blade-tips make up the 'working edge', and the leather wrap around the blades is decorated with Mississippian culture-style skulls and the shapes of hands cut from sheet-mica. A sqirrel-tail plume and twisted-fringe in the leather-wrapped hand-grip round out this spectacular weapon. Pianstakingly carved and detailed like nothing you've seen before, I can provide you with this kind of shear artistry in a warclub or weapon--just let me know what it is you want.

The lower club is made from Caribou antler and depicts a rattle snake incised upon a red ocher background on its inner curve. The outer side of this one-of-a-kind piedce is decorated with Algonquin-style geometric patterning and two beads of purple wampum signifying 'kills'. I jokingly refer to this as my 'mother-in-law be-gone', adding that I've only been married once!

I have two more pieces of caribou antler in stock, though not as nice as this one--I will provide photo's of these if you desire something along the lines of the one shown here. This is a truly beautiful, eye-catching weapon--I will do work for you in your material or mine.