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Leather and Rawhide Cases, Pouches and Travel Bags, Quivers and more

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Leather and Rawhide Bags, Containers and Pouches

MBR is developong several original styles of rawhide and leather cases, purses, possible-bags and backpacks ideally suited to carrying your possessions in style. Our products are of simple design, clean and functional, and we offer the customer the chance to submit personal designs and patterns of power for us to adorn each piece ordered.

Possibles Bag

The possibles-bag shown above is made from commercially tanned leather with steer-rawhide insert to hold the bag's shape and to protect its contents against mishap. It is suitable for keys, ID, crediticards and cell phones. The one pictured is adorned with mother-of-pearl discs representing the phases of the moon, and is attreactively fringed. The shoulder strap is mean to fit over the had and across either shoulder, making it a secure place to keep small valuables.

Please state the approximate size you wish to have your possibles-bag made in, and how or with what you wish it to be ornamented.

Travel-bags and Backpacks in Rawhide

MBR is proud to announce this new line of rawhide travel gear. Attractively styled and sturdily made from commercial rawhide, there are three bags comprising the set--the largest is shoulder-carried, the mid-sized case functions as a very effective backpack, and the smaller one makes an ideal bandolier bag or purse.

Each bags' thong-fastening is adorned with raw copper nuggets dug from glacial till around the great lakes region. Yours can be made from shell, slate or other stone, fired clay, etc. I have a limited number of slate pieces, so place your order before others use up my reserves... (slates may be seen at bottom of lefthand phot at bottom of the Stone Tools page--I have more than is shown, so don't panic, lol!)

Please inquire about pricing, adornment and special-needs functions--we here at MBR try hard to satisfy!

Leather Carry and Clothing Storage Cases

MBR is offering this uniquely-styled carrying case--cylindrical in form with semi-rigid round/scalloped end-pieces, it offers a reach-inside flap that allows for the storage of a variety of items not requiring delicate folding or handling. Useful to store undergarments, towels, or most anything else, its attractive styling is eye-catching and has won rave reviews from those who've seen it as a part of my own kit.

As the style lends itself to a number of possible uses, we offer it in sizes suited to your needs, with adornments and decoration left up to the customers' whims. Please inquire about pricing and adornment possibilities, as each will be made as a specific custom piece suited to the buyers' needs.